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What about Rick Romanis' quotes? LOL
So funny.
I have just rewatched the movie today. Great movie.
2 years 1 month ago
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This is one of the most sexist films I've seen in a while. And I do love watching films from the 80s. Incredibly overrated, and definitely hasn't aged very well.
3 years 8 months ago
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Ok .. movie belongs to Bill Murray, his charm and the lines given to his character... frame-worthy quotes ...
5 years 3 months ago
utkuokur's avatar


This should have been called Blockbusters
5 years 3 months ago
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The original Ghost Busters of course still stands up, and for movie buffs, there's nothing quite like seeing those original old school effects. I think they're part of the fun, and though we can do a lot more today, that doesn't necessarily means we can do better. Still quite good, I must say. It's in some ways a purer film than the new one, not just because it's not built on the bones of the past, but because the characters a more clearly archetypal. Brain - Heart - Mouth - I wonder what Eddie Murphy's version of Winston would have been like, given an expanded role. But as it is, it's iconic, and eminently watchable.
6 years 4 months ago
fonz's avatar


Does this need to be remade? At 32 years old it shows its age, yet remains entertaining. It's pretty much the Billy Murray show but everyone in the cast has at least one memorable line. My favorites: "Yes, it's true, this man has no dick." And "I've seen shit that will turn you white." A true classic.
6 years 6 months ago
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Characters, cast, sets, props, dialogue, plot, sound, music, Bill Murray... Some films are timeless. Some films are perfect. This is one of them.
6 years 9 months ago
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I've been told the fact that I'd never seen 'Ghost Busters' was unacceptable - so I was finally made to watch it :)

It's not among my favourite comedies but it was very enjoyable to watch it once; some really funny scenes and silly ghosts :) Not bad!

6 years 10 months ago
nicolaskrizan's avatar


mmm... marshmallows

7 years 1 month ago
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Hadn't seen it in at least 20years! As I recalled, I wasn't to impressed with the movie as a kid and still wasn't that entertained. Funny stuff and some good effects but still didn't get me at all. Overhyped
7 years 9 months ago
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I'm here, I'm a man and I'm gonna say it. I Love Bill Murray!

That could be all, but I can also say that I enjoyed watching this and I remembered watching this as a kid.
9 years 4 months ago
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What about the Twinkie?
9 years 8 months ago
Liv Ullmann's avatar

Liv Ullmann

Bill Murray was just outstanding! a very good performance :)
10 years 2 months ago
Joker of Gotham's avatar

Joker of Gotham

This movie is the favorite movie of Zack Ryder
10 years 8 months ago
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Didn't laugh once? How is that even possible with this film.
10 years 8 months ago

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