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Raisa.Asmara's avatar


I don't like this film, the whole Harry Potter saga obviously but this one is too slow.
5 years 2 months ago
Tmeleaaa's avatar


Slow and boring for me.
5 years 2 months ago
wizardhat's avatar


Stupid ... as usual.
What is great about the books is that they're written in a realistic way. The movies are 100% formulaic and looks just like all the other formulaic Hollywood productions. There is nothing special about these movies. Only reason I watch them is I love the books and I know about all the things that is not shown/explained.
Omitting something I understand, but changing something that is great to somthing bad. What is this obsession with rewriting as much as possible!!?
Seriously ... burying Dobby at a beach, WTF!
His rotting carcass will be exposed to the elements within a week!
8 years 10 months ago
Siskoid's avatar


In The Deathly Hallows Part 1, everything goes to rot. The kids have a clear(ish) mission thanks to the revelations of Half-Blood Prince, but few resources. I admire the second act a great deal, with its austere landscapes where lonely figures meditate... There isn't a whole lot happening in physical terms, but the mood is perfect. It's despair before there can be hope, the calm before the storm. Takes guts to turn parts of this blockbuster series into an art film. I also love the animation on the story of the Three Brothers and wish there'd been stuff like this across the entire series, if only to better justify it.
6 years ago
saveferris's avatar


These are dark times, there is no denying.
10 years 1 month ago
RockHopper92's avatar


Felt like a was watching Return of the King again. The young hero has to wear a token of evil on a chain around his neck. His friends want to share the load but can't bear it. It eventually starts to degrade their mind and wants to get back to its creator. This could not be closer to Lord of the Rings. They're even trekking across wide landscapes to destroy it. You have to be kidding me.
6 years 6 months ago
IreneAdler's avatar


I liked the way the main characters were out and about in this movie instead of going back to Hogwarts. I didn't think I would, but I did - in the book and in the movie. Nice!
8 years ago
bundestar's avatar


Really slow one. Iy should be 1.3h movie at most.
9 years 7 months ago
frankqb's avatar


Despite it's own logical inconsistencies, and one bizarre and, frankly, creepy CGI scene between Harry and Hermione, the first part of this two-part finale is the most entertaining, rich and diverse of the series. Director Yates shows off his best film-making to date. Not a stand alone film though, those who haven't seen the other films or read the books will be very confused.
10 years 9 months ago
Renoja's avatar


This movie should get 2000 dislikes, just see how boring it are.
5 years ago
HarryPotterisshit's avatar


*at Malfoy Manor
Dobby is free.........
*at shell cottage
Me: you are stupid Dobby, yeah you are free now but free from your stupid life!!!
5 years 1 month ago
devilsadvocado's avatar


These films always give me such a dreary feeling, this one especially.
9 years 8 months ago
Ukee's avatar


love it!
9 years 11 months ago
_Marinaaa's avatar


Obviously the best movie of the HP series. They couldn't have told the story of this part of the book better.
10 years 1 month ago
darkblade's avatar


For all those complaining about it being slow paced, the book was way worse. Come on, they are supposed to pass hard times for months getting no results and being lost without knowing what to do, you can't express that feeling by just saying "5 months later"...

I think it's the best adaptation so far although it still goes too much fast in certain scenes, it's also the first movie I really liked.

Tomorrow I will watch the last one, I hope he doesn't screw it up :P
10 years 2 months ago

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