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110 min.
Tarsem Singh
Action, Drama, Romance, Fantasy
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1.8% (1:55)
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  1. dpanter's avatar


    Complete mess indeed.
    It looks fantastic, makeup and CGI is brilliant. Tarsem Singh's trademark stunning visuals are very much present. Costumes are great, but felt a bit like they tried too hard. In fact, the entire movie feels that way - they simply tried too hard. Many odd cuts and way too much unnecessary slow motion "cool scenes", we were pretty much fed up half way through.

    The characters are unsympathetic and receive their names by random chance, suddenly a person is referred to by name and you have no idea who they talk about. I find that this annoys and subtracts even more from the viewing pleasure.

    Poseidon; rather, I assume he was Poseidon, don't remember they ever mentioned his name. He wielded a trident and could control the sea. So, Poseidon. He wins the worst-hat/helmet-ever competition with his ridiculous steampunk-Leia buns-monstrosity, closely followed by the hammer/sun "god" (found out from IMDb that it was Helios) and third place goes to Hyperions pincers/thorns/Jason hockey mask hybrid.
    What the hell were the headgear designers smoking?

    Possible spoiler below.
    The movie leaves you with too many questions that you didn't want to ask in the first place.
    * Who casted Henry Cavill? So feeble and meaningless, they killed his mother before his eyes and he is supposedly consumed with revenge, but feels more like someone keyed his car?
    * Who casted Mickey Rourke? Yet another role as a ultra bad-ass with a wheezing gravelly voice, really?
    * Why did the "gods" not fight together against the "immortals"? They seemed fully capable of winning, but on their own they were soon killed off, one by one.
    * Lol at the worst inspiring fight-to-the-death speech ever.
    Why... aw f*ck it.

    You'll not miss out if you skip this one.
    10 years 3 months ago
  2. lachyas's avatar


    Visually ravishing, as you'd expect from Singh, but unfortunately his shift from a highly personal, narrative-driven labour of love shot entirely on location to this CGI-fueled and oddly soulless 300 clone could not be more pronounced. Still though it's worth a watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon, due not only to the visuals but also because of some great fight scenes that, refreshingly, don't feature a cut every other millisecond, as well as Rourke's enjoyable turn as the deliciously evil antagonist. 8 years 5 months ago
  3. Jaqo's avatar


    Well, this was as braindead as I thought it would be. Tarsem Singh's visual style is likeable, though. And I have to say I was positively surprised by Henry Cavill's performance. I expected the guy to be nothing but muscles and bad acting, but brought enough charisma to his character to make me look forward seeing him as the man of steel - Superman. 10 years ago
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