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    I am a 23 year old movie enthusiast!

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    I just want to know, who was the fucking idiot that said “we have this great musical, a good cast and a solid budget... let’s give it to the guy who made the Step Up movies and that G.I. Joe sequel”.
    The charm and energy of the source is what kept the movie afloat because the directing was one of the least imaginative I've seen in a Hollywood musical. The visuals were the first thing anybody could've come up with and almost never matched the energy of the music. I’d say, only one number was great (the obvious one).
    The screenplay wasn’t good either. Most of the themes were reduced to slogans instead of being fleshed out.
    There were a lot of characters. You either focus on a few or make the movie longer.
    The dance number on the wall felt sooo out of place. The second that scene started you knew something was off. It looked fake as fuck.
    Also, I thought it was about to end at least three times. You’ll definitely feel its length.

    It’s not that bad but it had the potential to be a classic. What a waste! Let’s wait till December to see how Spielberg mops the floor with Chu.
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    Where most American lit is really about the failure of the American Dream, Lin-Manuel Miranda still seems to believe in it, which makes him something of a utopian. His first Broadway hit, In the Heights, is, like Hamilton (which "Easter Eggs" in a couple of amusing ways), an immigrant's story, or several, really. The younger cast each have their dreams, for themselves and their communities; the older had a dream, communicated it, now dream for their their kids. As with his Crazy Rich Asians, director Jon Chu creates something lush, sensual and vibrant, and it's that energy that carries you along as much as the songs and dance numbers. Because it's a musical, he's able to have more fun with it - he certainly makes an effort to do something you never could have on stage. But it's the all-Latin cast (some faces recognizable, others quite fresh) that really endeared me to the picture, the several leads giving a very touching performance (I thought about naming names, but we'd be hear all day - it's pervasive). When Anthony Ramos asks if you want to take a break (surely where the interval goes in the stage play), you really, really do because you should feel destroyed at that point, but the film barrels on and you just have to tell yourself you'll sob at home later. Ultimately, this is about caring for your community - so it's released at the right time in history - and about how you can preserve your heritage while still living for the future.
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