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6 years 8 months ago
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Okay, I need to get this out of the way first. I saw this film almost three weeks ago. If you have not seen this film in a REAL IMAX theater with 70mm film, please do so. It will most likely be one of the last times you will seeing something this new be projected on film. The projectionist in me had a field day with this one. I was privileged to be able to see this at the Lincoln Center IMAX which is one of the largest screens in the country and most likely the world. Regardless of your opinion of the film, it’s something to be seen in 70mm before film goes the way of the 8 track and seatbeltless vehicles.

That being said, I didn’t particularly love this movie. I didn’t really hate it either. What I ultimately came to was a feeling of mild satisfaction mixed with utter bewilderment. I’ve been a fan of Nolan from the beginning. I generally believe The Dark Knight, Memento, and The Prestige to be some of the best films of the decade. Interstellar marks the second film in a row from Nolan that not only failed to meet my expectations but seemed to lack in the screenwriting that characterized his earlier films. This was just a mess story wise from beginning to end. In fact, parts of it nearly ruined the whole thing for me.There were instances in the film where decisions were made at the blink of an eye, huge decisions, LIFE ALTERING DECISIONS, MADE AFTER ABOUT TEN MINUTES OF THOUGHT. Seriously, Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper is the worst father ever. What he does to his daughter in this film is just atrocious. I hated his character for like 40 minutes after this happened. There is also huge jumps in timeline. Basically Matthew McConaughey goes from farmer to in space in like three days. Sure, he was a NASA fighter pilot a long ass time ago, but you don’t get trained for space in three days. You just don’t do it.

The dialogue was also pretty bad. Anne Hathaway delivers a monologue in the middle of the film, about love, that nearly had me puking in the auditorium. It came off so cheesy and forced that I couldn’t stand it. A big character reveal in the middle of the film also progressed in a way that could be seen a mile away. This character also forgets who he is and ruins pretty much everything. The end of the film, which will be talked about for some time as it is very “2001”-esque, kind of muddles the entire thing for me. Like, I get where they were going with that. I get how unimaginable space can be an how it works, but to put it all together like that just seemed like Nolan was trying to be more profound than he needed to be. I don’t like throwing around the word pretentious often because I think that it insults creativity, but the end of this film teetered on being a bit pretentious. Also, the BIG emotional reunion end the end of the film, the one that the audience has been waiting for the entire three fucking hours, was over in like four sentences. Seriously, fuck Matthew McConaughey’s character in this movie. He’s the worst.

What did I like? First off the acting was pretty top notch. Matthew McConaughey was in full form as he has been for the past two years. There are a few scenes in this movie that really struck a chord with me emotionally and that was all on MM. Michael Caine continues to be sad Michael Caine and that’s okay because the man is a true legend and makes my eyes water every time he is sad. The voice acting from Bill Irwin, who voices the robot TARS, was a wonderful addition to the cast and might have been my favorite character. The robots were awesome by the way. At first I thought they were too weird but then I really got into the functionality of them. The action and space sequences were gorgeous to watch in 70mm. It made the effort to see this is IMAX all worth while. Also, Mackenzie Foy can act. That girl is going to be big if she continues acting.

Overall the film just wasn’t up to what I thought it was going to be. As far as space movies go, I enjoyed Sunshine and Solaris much more but there were definitely some great reasons to see the film. The camera work, the acting, the practical effects mixed in with CGI, all made this a film to see. It just happened to be a mess in the story telling department that may get better with a clearer viewing but I’m not holding my breath. Nolan gets points for doing it in film though. I’ll give him added points for that.


9 years 4 months ago
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Terrible rip-off from 2001, but still enjoyable to watch. Incredible visuals, but some flews in acting and dialogue (Topher Grace was awfully misplaced, people had giggles in the theatre by just seeing him).

I was a little surprised Nolan wrote it himself, since the science-fictional part it still quite interesting, but definitely based on 2001. The thing they did right in 2001 was not trying to explain and leaving a lot to the imagination, while Interstellar tries to explain them. How cliché.

The difference of music in 2001 and Interstellar is a good resemblance of both movies. While 2001 was all about mankind and its epicness, Interstellar focused more on the emotions and excitement, which are in my opinion unnecessary and highly overrated needs of modern music and film.
9 years 5 months ago
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My attention span on average is about 70 minutes, 90 at a (big) push.. but this kept me gripped for the full 169 minutes.. Matthew McConaughey carries you along, often with a lump in your throat, and eyes welling up, as he sets off to save mankind, what's left of it, and his family... he totally rocks.! And the twist near the end is pretty spectacular. Another Nolan brothers hit.!
9 years 5 months ago
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Too much fantasy, not enough scifi. Ending was beyond cringe. I assume they wanted cheesy love story but it turned out to be cheesy and nonsensical.
1 year 9 months ago
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Interstellar is not a movie. It's a religion, in which some believe and some don't.
3 years ago
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Duke of Omnium

For the first two hours, one of the great sci-fi movies of the 21st century. Then Nolan's penchant for world-building over story clarity dooms him again.
5 years 6 months ago
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Visually amazing. I'm sure it was a tour de force on IMAX. I felt like I was the dad on Kenan and Kel, because every 10 minutes I said "Why!?"

So many questionable choices in this script, and each one on its own wouldve been meh but altogether it made me regret spending nearly 3 hours watching it.

Fantastic directing, knockout acting, I couldnt even tell it was Ann Hathaway. Amazing CGI, and the high points of the movie were so good that it didn't matter that they didn't make sense, they were that good.

But when I didn't like it, man oh man, did I not like it. I'm so polarized on it.

I can't recommend you watch it or don't watch it, but I can recommend it's a good background movie, and probably good to trip to if you skip the first half of the movie.
6 years 3 months ago
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A really good, ambitious film. The third act ruins its chances of being truly great, but that doesn't undermine the rest of the film. McConaughey was incredible, so was Mackenzie, and the visuals are truly gorgeous. An amazing cinematic experience.
7 years 11 months ago
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I do like the fact there's a popular movie about the future of humanity that doesn't feel the need to fill every other scene with masses of space lasers and explosions. (well, apart from 2001)

There are some very touching scenes in this, and I like the overall premise, but towards the end, the whole thing starts to feel very hammy and preposterous. There's a lot of Chekov's gun action going on here, mysterious plot points that get forgotten and magically fix everything at a later point.

I particularly liked the use of time dilation as a plot device. It made sense, it was clever, it's mostly accurate scientifically, and I definitely haven't seen it done as well as this before.

It's a good, but flawed, movie, which is sad because Nolan is obviously capable of better.
9 years ago
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Wonderful movie - absolutely measured up to my expectations; maybe it was even better.

It's a great story with some very imaginative elements and very appealing, interesting, stunning pictures. The rather long running time was absolutely fine; the story stayed interesting and it never seemed dragged out.

Emotionally the movie was extremely touching - cried several times. Wonderful acting, especially by Matthew McConaughey, whom I used to greatly underestimate until I saw "Dallas Buyers Club". Still, "Interstellar" also contained enough humor to make some scenes real good fun.

Respect - definitely a movie I'd recommend to anyone who likes this genre even a little bit.
9 years ago
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Wanted to go see this in the cinema but went to another movie instead. Now I seen it on bluray I'm not sure what all the fuss was about. The movie is good but not great. The scene in the bookcase was far fetched and I guess not for me. So, I had high expectations but it didn't quite live up to it.

Am I the only one who hated (understatement) the farmer accent of the main actor?
9 years ago
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Interstellar blew my mind into the 4th dimension and made me wake up in the future
9 years 2 months ago
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The movie was okay (way better than the "breathtaking" Gravity. Yay visuals but man are these stories weak...). Too cheesy. Too long. As some are saying, if Nolan had taken half an hour out of this movie it would've improved beyond the dying of the light.

Oh, and the famous plot twist everyone talks about is monstrously obvious since minute 5 or so.

Go watch Europa Report. sci-fi done right
9 years 3 months ago
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Any science that didnt make sense was chalked up to either Aliens (not really aliens, but i wont spoil it) or conveniently not mentioned (how do the hibernation chambers work? how do you defy gravity for an entire space station?) The science that was explained turned out to be all correct, good job movie. But then again, im not an astrophysicist, so what do i know.

It was a seriously good, and grand, movie
9 years 5 months ago

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