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123 min.
Neil Jordan
Drama, Fantasy, Horror
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6.0% (1:17)
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    Gotta say, this isn't a 'horror' movie, per se. It's an existential melodrama that just happens to feature vampires. Cruise and Dunst do alarmingly well and blow Pitt's mostly one-note performance off stage. The sets and music are pretty remarkable. But the violent nature of vampires never sits well with the dramatic aspirations or the ponderous pacing, though it does well to convey the folly of the human desire for immortality, dominance and compulsive lust. Sexual charge aside, you're left wondering how vampires could have gained such cultural allure given how their eternal life only leads to eternal loss and nihilism. Bella would do wise to avoid Lestat and his ilk, that's for sure. 11 years 8 months ago
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    Louoeie 11 years ago
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    There's no denying the impact Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire (book and film) had on pop culture in the 90s. You can draw a direct line from Interview to Vampire The Masquerade to tons of romantic vampire TV shows (including Buffy's, which owes more to this than its own movie debut), right on down to Twilight. What it brought to the forefront is the vampire not (just) as monster, but as empathetic point of view character. Hey, people of 1994! Get ready for a good 25 years of frou-frou vampire stuff! Though none so clearly homoerotic, I shouldn't think. As I'm a fan of neither vampire narratives nor sprawling biographies, this isn't really for me, but I still got something out of it. The plight of the child vampire is very interesting, as is how Antonio Banderas' gang manage to survive. Narration is mercifully used in small doses, and when it is, the prose offers some good images. I still find the all-star casting bizarre, mind you. And I don't know if it's the juxtaposition of frou-frou with the current day, but the ending feels very silly and out of left field. 2 years 8 months ago
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