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206 min.
Martin Scorsese
Crime, Drama, Romance, Mystery, History, Western
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8.5% (1:12)
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  1. baraka92's avatar


    Where to start?! Greed, guilt, remourse, judgement, misoginy, race, spirituality, tradition. This is a dark and ugly story that doesn't end well, and worse it's forgotten. Scorsese, literally, comments on the way stories are told and consumed in the brilliant closing scene. Edit: Seriously! He doesn't break the fourth wall, he does something beyond that. A masterful way of exploiting the form to send a message. Some Godard or Welles level stuff.

    DiCaprio's Ernest feels close to The Irishman's Frank Sheeran. A simpleton man, destined to ruin the only meaningful relationship in his life by his own hand for the sake of other people; and near the end, when he's trying to "fix things" and save his soul, it's too late.
    BTW, Lily Gladstone was born to be in movies. She has "one of those faces".

    Scorsese, of course has explored similar themes and characters but at 80 he keeps mixing them with fresh elements to his style. There are echoes of Gaslight, Days of Heaven, Pontecorvo and Gavras.

    On the downside, I do think that out of his long movies this is the one that overstays its welcome the most. I could see at least 40 minutes cut without losing much, specially in the first half (after 2 hours I thought to myself "are Jesse Plemons and Brendan Fraser even in this thing?"). And, honestly, de Niro is good but I believe there were better actors suited for his two-faced role.

    Not an S-tier but quite close. Forget it; I think it might be.

    Add the hellish Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground sequence to the hall of fame of Scorsese's music moments.
    8 months 1 week ago
  2. K.'s avatar


    I'm kind of shocked at the level of criticism I'm seeing the film receive online. It appears to be the new "film I love to hate!" It looks to me like it's become the unfortunate victim of Scorsese's stupidly infamous "Marvel comments". If you look for instance, at the user reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, this is the only film reviewed by many of those who gave it a negative rating.

    I'm going to catch flak for this, but so be it. There are people criticizing the film for being "too long" and "repetitive". However, people seem to never tire of gazing at their social media wall or watching the most meaningless videos on YouTube or TikTok. You don't hear people calling TV shows that run for 5 or more seasons "too long" or "repetitive", even after they've binge-watched a whole season of very "repetitive" content. But when a film like Killers of the Flower Moon has a runtime of 206 minutes, there are people who start losing their minds and lash out against it.

    Edit 12/9/2023: And I am not saying that "social media" is to blame as one comment states. I am calling out the hypocrisy of people who call a 3-hour film "too long", but never say the same about TV shows or sports broadcasts, and fail to consider that many people spend more time each day on "social media" than they would watching this film. If you don't like the film, that's fine. But before worrying about Killers of the Flower Moon being "too long" and "repetitive", maybe stop and think about how many things we do in life that are much more deserving of that criticism.
    7 months 3 weeks ago
  3. CodeV's avatar


    A depressive story about Osage Indian murders. Shows what money can do to people and how this affectes everyone around us. Acting is great, but overall it was too long experience into this darkness. 8 months ago
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