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So Kevin Sorbo trades in his Hercules chips to get into movies and it's Kull the Conqueror?! With its horrendous CG, objectionable wigs (apparently a De Laurentiis feature), wooden acting, and TV quality barely above that of The Legendary Journeys, that's not much of a trade. The heavy metal score makes it even cheaper - if you're going to be anachronistic, go all the way, not just SOMEtimes and give the action and cinematography that style too. At least the world feels like it has back story, with Kull essentially at the end of his pulp journey, becoming king and having to defend his crown from demon witch Tia Carerre (absurdly coiffed as a red head). The way he gets there is clunky and the second act quest forces another awkward structural change, but at least we can't call the plot "slim". Though it may seem derivative because it was originally supposed to be a third Conan film, it's not like Conan the Barbarian itself didn't borrow heavily FROM the Kull stories - Thulsa Doom, the hero's life as a slave, that's all Kull, not Conan. So fair game. Unfortunately, the result is underwhelming.
10 months 1 week ago
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