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    I'm Peter, 48 years and living in Belgium. I'm married with Veronika and together we have two lovely kids , Karolien (5y) and Filip (3y) I'm a big movie-fan. That's why I created a blog on blogger. It's fun writing for it. This is the adress and here you'll find the English version. Day by day...
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    I adore movies, drinks and good old rock and roll
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    George Eastman

    Favourite Actors - Montgomery Clift, Steve McQueen, Van Heflin, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, William Powell, Jack Lemmon, John Garfield, Robert Shaw, Peter Lorre, Kirk Douglas, Robert Redford, Douglass Montgomery, Michael Caine, Zachary Scott, Gilbert Roland, Robert Mitchum, Fredric...
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    Coming out of retirement after whatever amount of years. Which means: actually update some lists, dump some other lists, make new ones? And check things on and off lists.
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    Fan, lyricist, moviegoer
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    I like movies, so I thought perhaps I should check them.
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