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Four ghosts haunting an old house are bored, so they call on Mickey, Donald and Goofy, the Original Ghostbusters, on themselves in Lonesome Ghosts, a 1937 Disney short that has a lot of great gags, and ultimately, a a strong punchline. It's the bit I most remember, because like Mickey's Trailer, it was one of the "cassettes" we had for the Fisher-Price moviola, and I used to make that last scene undo and redo itself on a loop. Weird memory, but there you go. I do wonder if those silent versions were edited down, not just for length, but so you didn't pointlessly watch the characters move their mouths wordlessly. In a way (and this also has to do with my French-language upbringing and the different voices the characters had on my side of the tracks), watching Lonesome Ghosts today is like HEARING it for the first time. The ghosts sound like they're at the bottom of an oil drum, and Donald Duck is a lot less understandable than I remembered.
10 months ago
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