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Nasty piece of work.
4 months ago
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Beth B's documentary on Lydia Lunch, The War Is Never Over, presents a true counter-culture (and sexual) icon still active today, but I'd never heard of her. I'm too young to have been exposed to late 70s noise punk, and by the time I was at university in the early 90s, all that seemed still relevant was Sonic Youth. So a bit of a revelation for me. Lydia Lunch is a giant personality, was then, is now, whether through music, spoken word or experimental film, the angry voice of trauma, not retreating into itself, but uncomfortably exposing it, exorcising it, turning it into a weapon, getting revenge on the world with it. Though essentially a talking heads documentary, Beth B also takes us into rehearsal rooms for Lydia's current project and presents enough live performance, from across the whole career, as well as substantial clips from her strange, psycho-sexual films that it also acts as a showcase for the artist, and a window into the New York art scene previously alien to me.
4 months 4 weeks ago
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