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This is one of my all-time favorites, easily in my Top 10 if somebody can even quantify such a thing. It's a testament to how much Leo McCarey cared about people that you're able to understand the viewpoint of every character in the film, even if you don't always sympathize with them. Even though it's an incredibly sad film, it's also a thing of beauty, something with a lot of love to give. The final act, when Bark and Lucy decide to "pretend there aren't any facts to face" and spend what might be their last few hours together revisiting their old honeymoon spots, is absolutely beautiful and, strange as it may seem, cements this as one of the greatest love stories in all of cinema.
8 years ago
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"It would make a stone cry"
9 years 8 months ago
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Not really sure what this one is doing on the Comedy list.
4 years 11 months ago
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I watched this film, Ozu's "Tokyo Story", and 2008's "Cherry Blossoms" within a short period of time - all of them are related in subject matter and story and all of them are phenomenal. These films are required viewing for anyone who will grow old or anyone who has parents.
13 years 2 months ago
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This would make a great companion piece to Ozu's "Tokyo Story" which is quite a bit more well known. Nice to see this movie receive a Criterion edition, as it certainly doesn't have the audience it deserves.
13 years 3 months ago
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I don*t understand what pitchomeirda is saying or anyone else here actually. This was quite an upbeat film and with a lot healthier point then Umberto D.

Life turns to crap once you can*t take care of yourself, but there is still some hope and dignity when you can say f*ck you to people putting you into uncomfortable situations and treating you depressingly. Quite liked the old guy in the end.
9 years 10 months ago
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A delicate piece about old age and how nobody wants you around when you've grown old and cranky. Mc Carey made this film after the death of his father and probably this is the one everybody should remember instead of The Awful Truth. It's not a perfect movie by all means, but it tackles a delicate subject with light humour and no intentions of dramatizing everything.
11 years 4 months ago
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I wasn't really into the film until the elderly couple were re-united close to the end, then it came to life. I found the last 20 minutes of the film probably the cutest and most adorable ending of a film ever.
7 years 4 months ago
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I was trying to find some words to describe it. There had not been a time I've been more glad to say that I am speechless. Only a handful of movies make you feel grateful for finding and watching them. I do not love this movie. I found love in this movie. Eternally grateful.
1 year 6 months ago
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Matt Addis

I was not prepared for this movie. Who the hell keeps cutting all these onions?
2 years 1 month ago
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