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Princess Mononoke
134 min.
Hayao Miyazaki
Animation, Adventure, Fantasy
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11.8% (1:8)
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  1. Filmsthemostbeautifulart's avatar


    16 years in the making, Princess Mononoke is a landmark in the world of animation. Directed by Hayao Miyazaki, one the creators of Studio Ghibli, Mononoke Hime is the story of a brave warrior, Ashitaka. He is attacked by a demon one day and unfortunately gets infected by a curse from the demon. Ashitaka is destined to die. But before that, he must find the truth behind the demon's attack. This leads him straight to an ancient forest where Gods rule the Earth, Beasts are large in size. Here Ashitaka witnesses the battle between nature and humans. While this happens, we watch spellbound!

    The most interesting thing is that this movie has extensive character development. The details are very rich, the visuals stunning and the live-action scenes more than satisfying. That's not all. Joe Hisaishi's world famous score makes this movie more elegant. Watch Princess Mononoke and have a wonderful 2 hours of your life.. Highly Recommended...

    11 years 6 months ago
  2. jlfitz's avatar


    This is what animation should be. Amazing detail and color with great story. 12 years ago
  3. tk338's avatar


    This is an extraordinary achievement, the work of not only a master animator but a master director. It is probably the greatest environmental film. No other film comes close, with the depth of vision and remarkable execution of a war between man and beast, industry and nature, and the journey of one person who seeks to reconcile both sides. It is a spiritual and cathartic experience that remains relevant in the world we live in today. Never does it get didactic; the film challenges the viewer to consider all perspectives, a hugely admirable choice on the part of its director. I am astonished every time I watch for so many reasons. It's so moving, how the main character Ashitaka is tainted and must leave his secluded village, and as he does, he witnesses Japan modernize from a traditional society before his eyes. The storytelling is terrific, as we'd expect from Miyazaki. But here his action sequences and characterization are at their most impressive. So many incredible characters and creatures, from the elusive warrior-leader Lady Eboshi of Iron Town to her foil, part-human part-animal San, the Mononoke Hime. Yakul, Ashitaka's loyal friend, and the Kodama are unforgettable and vital additions to the Ghibli pantheon, as is the Forest Spirit. The scene when he heals Ashitaka in the pool is simply sublime, one of the most gorgeously animated in the film, with its compelling use of sound and silence. Of course, there's also the stunning music score by Joe Hisaishi at his best that sweeps you from the very beginning. This is Miyazaki firing on all cylinders, his tremendous creativity, his level of craftsmanship and detail, the maturity of his film, how he remains ever hopeful that we may co-exist with nature. His passion and compassion are inspiring. I think this may just be the greatest animated movie ever made. 8 years 11 months ago
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