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In Bollywood, there is a term for movies that exaggerate emotions and situations to the point that the depictions of the characters, their dialogues, their actions etc. become detached from reality and enter the realm of fantasy. Such movies are called 'filmy'. In 'filmy' movies, viewers are asked to dispel their notions of rationality and realism and are expected to simply allow themselves to be taken into a fantastical journey by the writer/director. Any questioning of why a character would be so nice (or so evil) is impertinent since the viewer is expected to know that the movie is pure fantasy.

This is one such 'filmy' movie. It is, as said by a reviewer below, a well-made and sweet movie. However, given the theme that it presents (the importance of education for the poor), the approach taken by the director to mix fantasy with the grim reality (that I know exists for the poor in India), the movie and it's characters felt jarring and annoying. I felt that I was watching Cinderella when I should have been watching something as grim as Dickens's Bleak House

So, yes this is a well-made and sweet movie. It may be even worth your 100 minutes. But in the end, it's a fluffy teddy bear with little relation to reality. As long as you keep these expectations, thumbs up. Else, two thumbs down.
4 years 4 months ago
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Solid movie. Well-made and sweet. spoiler
5 years 11 months ago
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