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117 min.
Lars von Trier
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6.5% (1:15)
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  1. Ressa's avatar


    Just to clarify - this movie is not any kind of porn at all.
    Well you're not bored through any of the two parts. But then again, Trier is always man for a good show, whether you like him or not. Audience better ready themselves for one hell of a trip around the darkest and brightest corners of human sexuality. It is somehow spellbinding with its many references and provocations which at the same time praise and ridicule art, religion, politics, great men and women of history, human intellect, as well as you and me as audience. There's even time to make fun of "The Cannes Incident"
    The story is told to us through the conversation between the characters of Gainsbourg and Skarsgaard. There is no doubt that Skarsgaard represent the audience. We see it through his eyes, he ask our questions, and everything is explained to us, so it feels like the movie is mocking us, and expecting that we can't think for ourselves. It is clearly on purpose, because Trier wants to provoke, and wants us to think "what the hell!" But Skarsgaard is also the complete opposite of Gainsbourg and that is why he ask the questions for us. Like him, we want to know more, and to understand this divided nymphomaniac because it is simply different, unknown and fascinating.
    The movie has several good scenes, especially the one with Uma Thurman, which is fantastic, extremely grotesque and actually hilarious. That counts for several of the other too as well as the Skarsgaard/Gainsbourg conversation. Nyphomaniac is actually a very funny film - not "haha funny" but witty and furtively funny. Probably the funniest Trier has made since The Kingdom.
    But there is no doubt that a lot could be cut out without loosing any of the plot, but the length of the movie is also a big part of the mood and film-experience. You just have to wonder, if any parts of the 90 minutes which was cut out of Triers original version (yes, his version is five and a half hours long) could have made the theatrical experience better.
    No matter what Triers films are definitely always and experience, and this on is too. I think I like it, but I am still digesting. It not a masterpiece but a great example of a classic auteur, where the director do whatever he wants to do and I was greatly entertained. Crazy as it may sounds, I actually look forward to watching Triers five and a half hour "Directors Cut" after its premiere at The Berlin Festival.
    10 years 6 months ago
  2. lachyas's avatar


    The budget for penis doubles must have been through the roof. 10 years 3 months ago
  3. Agrimorfee's avatar


    This is bound to be LvT's "Kill Bill". Earlier post analyzes Skarsgaard as representative of the audience. I am not so sure of that. I feel as though Joe & Seligmann are two halves of LvT's conscience, grappling with the morality of sex and debating about whatever the hell else is in LvT's closet. 9 years 10 months ago
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