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Love it! Simple and beautiful! WoOoOOooooOoo ( wolf howling)
11 years 3 months ago
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This movie is fucking weird. One thing is to accept that your chosen one can turn into a wolf at will - but why let him fuck you like that, when he could go human in an instance? Anyway, it's a trippy tale, with many ideas that can be boiled down to the female lead's serious mental/social issues, which are unfortunately never fully sketched out. In the end, it's a beautiful anime with a gripping - messed up as it is - story, that will have you smiling cheek-to-cheek and almost shedding tears at times. Recommendable for people wanting a sexual edge to their Miyazaki (I guess...) or a more cheerful Takahata.
10 years 2 months ago
acoltismypassport's avatar


I didn't like it. The wolf metaphor and everything contained therein was very thinly spread, and has several highly disturbing manifestations, where other more prosaic details would've sufficed. As mentioned by a previous poster, it was borderline retarded-especially at the start.

Even when considering animation-and particular Japanese animation as a whole-this was saccharine to the point of inducing vomit, and far, far too melodramatic at many points. I'm patient, though don't appreciate being beaten over the head with how oh so wonderful it all is.

I've been a fan of Japanese animation for more than ten years, though this one, which I can group with just a few others, really irked me.
8 years ago
thecr1mmreaper's avatar


A beautifully told story. It makes me look at and appreciate all my Mom has done and is doing for me and my family in my personal life. Definite recommendation even if you're not into anime whatsoever.
1 year 11 months ago
OldLadyT-RexArms's avatar


It was so cute, but man I got so angry when spoiler It was definitely bittersweet but had cute moments. I'd recommend at least watching this one time. It made my mom all teary-eyed, saying it was exactly the experience of what parents go through giving up their kids when they get older; well, minus the wolf stuff, of course. =P
2 years 3 months ago
Joker of Gotham's avatar

Joker of Gotham

My chest...
5 years 1 month ago
damania's avatar


It was really good :)
8 years 11 months ago
Jontaquestion's avatar


The first part was a bit weird, and some of it was borderline stupid. But then it grows into a beautiful looking simple tale about being yourself. All in all good, but maybe a bit required taste.
8 years 3 months ago
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Just like the best of Miyazaki's oeuvre, to see this film is to yet again glimpse the world and all its marvels with child-like wonderment. The animation and storytelling are captivating.

The big clause in this film is that you really have to gloss over the fact that spoiler. It is completely understated and feels organic, and if you don't think too deeply, it probably won't diminish the film's charm at all. However, I found it rather jarring.
9 years 1 month ago
thetallguyinthecorner's avatar


This movie has some genuinely moving scenes, and is committed to not pulling any emotional punches spoiler However, for every scene of genuine sentiment, there's another that extends way too far into the realm of the saccharine. I'm not nearly enough of a sap to meet this movie at the level of emotion it commits to, and some moments feel horribly disingenuous given the lukewarm Linklater philosophizing that some characters slip into. The movie is really well animated, and there are some amazing sequences (the snow day). I found the anthro forms of the children to be a little jarringly drawn; it looks a little too cartoonish and reminds me of deviantart drawings. All in all I would've liked this movie a lot more if it didn't feel so scripty and was a lot less syrupy sweet. 3/4 stars
9 years 6 months ago
Princess_Of_Snails's avatar


Beautiful movie with fantastic animation and sad and sweet moments throughout the story. It was a real breath of fresh air for me with its uplifting tale and endearing simplicity. :)
9 years 9 months ago
Paravail's avatar


One of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.
6 years 9 months ago
Lumen's avatar


Surprisingly nice! Beautiful backgrounds and sceneries (the character animation is flat, sadly). The story is really good. I kept thinking the movie would fall in a trap, with so many easy, and probably tempting bad choices, they made only good choices in this anime. No unnecessary drama and struggles, no forced suspense, it feels natural and that is this movie's strength. Heartwarming, feels like one of granma's fireplace stories.
8 years 5 months ago
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Mamoru Hosoda's Wolf Children begs the question of whether raising wolves is any different from raising human kids. Because while the premise pushes the experience to a fantastical extreme, I'm quite sure parents will relate to the Hana's story. This is the story of motherhood, of the bond between mother and child, and how one must eventually let go, and find comfort in the letting go. Many of Hana's experiences echo things my own mother told me about hers as a single mom (though she called us cats rather than wolves). The wolf stuff is good for some humor, but also resonates in the two children finding their own "packs", taming their violence or giving in to their wildness, etc. One thing I've noticed about Hosoda's work is that the background, especially his cities and interiors, is incredibly detailed and has a sense of designed clutter, which makes it seem more real. The better to contrast with the fantasy and lyricism, I should hope. Could have used a bit more coda for one of the kids, but I don't resent the subtle emotional moment we actually end on.
5 years 9 months ago
DJPowWow's avatar


aka: "Wolf Children"

Wonderful animation with a great story that's both sad and heartwarming at the same time. Reminded me of some of Miyazaki's best films.
10 years 6 months ago

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