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    No one can go cuckoo-bananas with their films quite like M. Night Shyamalan. I love the dude for making movies like no one else. This one is all concept, and severely lacking in any kind of characterization. In one scene, several children were play-acting a short story with a war robot and a barbie doll having a domestic argument. This is a fitting analogy for the kind of character depth which you can expect to find within Old. It is a massively interesting film which quickly begins to tread water after the main concept has been established, and lacks any kind of emotional punch. All the while, the entire cast starts going nuts, with ludicrousness which borders on comedy.

    Please, Mr Shyamalan, keep making these crazy movies! I'll keep watching them, happily.
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    An Englishman currently living in Canada.
    [spoiler]I'm open to most films, although I rarely enjoy action films (such as Rambo or The Expendables), hate gory/torture-porn films and can give-or-take on most sci-fi. My favourite kind of film is one that is character-driven (maybe a drama) and has...
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    How it is possible to have seen so many films?
    -I live in L.A. and go to the cinema 4-7 times a week. There are so many different great programs and Q&As that it is almost limitless.
    -Film is a passion. In addition to going to the cinema, I rent movies, DVR them (mainly ones on TCM), and...
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