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    Infinitely passionate about cinema, in all its forms.
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    1st movie: Jungle Book (Disney)
    Favorite Kinds: Classic - Noir; Westerns
    Favorite Movie: To Kill A Mockingbird
    Guilty Pleasure Movies: Bad John Wayne (Chisum, Big Jake)
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    Mostly into Asian cinema.

    image image

    My favorite directors:
    ~ Abel Gance ~ Sidney Lumet ~ Hayao Miyazaki ~
    ~ Hirokazu Kore-eda ~ Park Chan-wook ~ Denis Villeneuve ~...
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    John Milton

    My name is Jeroen and I'm a film afficionado from The Netherlands. On Icheckmovies I go under the nickname of John Milton and most of my days are spent in Woerden, a nice, small town in the vicinity of Utrecht, with Amsterdam just around the corner.

    I studied history, specializing in film....
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    Matt Addis

    music composer, multi-instrumentalist, author, visual artist, and experimental filmmaker

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