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My eyes can’t believe what I’ve seen. They FINALLY made another Predator movie that is actually good!
5 days 21 hours ago
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This was the second best Predator of all time.
4 days 11 hours ago
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IMO, a more than worthy entry to the Predator Series (I'm a diehard fan of the original and the Predator character).
Actually, sort of a back to basics and did it nail it \m/
Very solid movie, beautiful cinematography, great leading actress and an action packed, well-paced flick (notably was able not to overdo too much).
Definitely brought back memories about the original, which was great.
Also enjoyed the Predator itself: fearsome, fearless, deadly and yet mortal.
2 days 22 hours ago
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OG Predator is an 80's classic. Prey is an objectively better movie. Two things can be true.
4 days 6 hours ago
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Jace Lightner

Shame on me for assuming this was going to be a waste of my time. It was glaringly the completr opposite. Highly recommended!
4 days 18 hours ago
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They couldn’t bother hiring real French actors, so they just hired American and gave them lines that were translated with Google Translate.
23 hours 56 minutes ago
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When I say Prey is the best Predator movie, I say it without the nostalgia normally attached to the original. Many will say "best since the original". Despite originating the creature (which will always make it relevant), I find its 'roided-out gunplay not all that interesting. Now put the monster in gorgeous locations in 18th-Century America, going up against Comanche hunters using not much more than Stone Age tools, and you've got my interest, because while a "slasher" in which all the victims are action heroes is interesting, but the technological gap in Prey feels much more desperate. Amber Midthunder is great as a young woman who wants to be a hunter despite her culture's expectations, but she's smarter than most of her tribe, so she has a chance. French trappers (some with abominable accents, I'm afraid) act a secondary villain/cannon fodder, and really give a sense of a land being encroached upon, not just by the Predator, but uncapitalized predators as well. Tender hearts might want to be warned that there is some violence to (CG) animals, but aside from the ugly colonials, there a many characters you actively cheer on and hope for their survival. It's still a Predator film, so some of it is a little predictable, but there's just enough a twist to keep things interesting. I think they hit on a way to rehabilitate this long-suffering franchise and it's to dispense with the machine guns and put the creature up against historical warriors - samurai, maybe, or Boxer Rebellion fighters, Viking, Roman legionaries, what have you.
2 days 21 hours ago
baatsokeisari's avatar


I share the sentiment with chunkylefunga. The hype and praise is unfounded.

But compared to Predators, The Predator and AVPs, this is a decent movie in the predator franchise and easily in the top 3 of them.
12 hours 47 minutes ago
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Decent effort but the gushing reviews on this have left me scratching my head a little.

The dialogue is functional at best (I couldn't watch the Comanche version) Didn't care for the acting prowess of the main character, i've seen her in a couple of other things before so that wasn't a surprise. There's also a little audience preaching when it depicting the French Canadians as knuckle dragging troglodytes... just what everyone wants from a Predator film - social commentary!

However with that said, considering how unwatchable the previous few Predator installments have been this was a pleasant surprise and fairly close in quality to Predator 2
3 days 11 hours ago
chunkylefunga's avatar


Who shall we make the lead?

A young women, but lets make out that she's more like a teenager so it seems more empowering.

Ok, now she needs to be 'ethnic', ok lets make her native american, but as always don't cast a proper native american just cast a latina.

Next lets have only men bully her for no real reason and she can show them up. Also that's not how Comanches would fight, they would wrestle, they wouldn't fight like Europeans would.

And lets make the Frenchmen villains for no apparent reason, and lets have them murder a whole bunch of bison for absolutely no apparent reason. They were fur traders, they just wouldn't have done that.

Then we have a young girl that defies the laws of gender. She's going toe to toe with alpha men, and instead of one punch from them doing serious damage, she can just shake it off. Then despite being 5 feet nothing and like 40kgs she goes up against a full grown 7 foot tall, 250Kg Yautja and she somehow is even stronger than him. Then the foot trap doesn't break her foot, she just cries a bit then takes it off? Just nonsense.

If you want a strong female lead, you can just pretend she's physically as strong, just have her be smarter, not stronger. Ripley was smarter, not stronger. And it was a bit stupid to have an 'expert' tracker fall into mud, especially in her hometown where she'd know the terrain.

The whole movie just ended up being complete nonsense. At least with Arnie's predator they all knew they were outmatched and Arnie has to use his smarts, not brawns to win.

Stop trying to make franchises woke.

This movie will be forgotten by the end of the year.
4 days 1 hour ago
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