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Daddy issues and teenage angst.
9 years 1 month ago
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The first movie totally made for teenagers. Cool!
11 years 3 months ago
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Judy says the 3 magic words right after you know .. and after having known Jim just about one day.
5 years 2 months ago
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Rebel Without a Cause paints a picture of 1950s youth as a listless generation freed from the responsibilities of their parents', i.e. the economic strife of the 30s or the war of the 40s, and for whom privilege is its own curse. Throughout the film, the kids mock the police, family hierarchy, military service, anything that might have power over them in another life. Parental figures are ineffective, busy at creating the 1950s American utopia of propriety and wealth, and leaving their kids to their own devices. There's no reason to sacrifice, to share responsibility, and so the teenagers get into trouble for its own sake, just as something to do, or to get attention. The kid most left alone sees any charismatic (and here that's James Dean's character, James Dean whose death later that year would find mirrors in the film) as a father figure (I don't think the attraction Plato bears Jimmy is meant to be gay), and he's the one who pays the biggest price. So yeah, I get it, but I'll admit I had a lot of difficulty empathizing with privileged white kids griping about their lives and how their parents just didn't understand them.
5 years 6 months ago
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This and 'On the Waterfront' take me on a whole different level
11 years 10 months ago
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You know I just watched this for the first time in my life, im only 24 so im not some world weary film critic thats been enough through life to empathize with a lot of characters and stories but this was really really good their some weird things that happen that stop me from giving it a perfect score but its highly recommended in my book ...9/10
11 years 5 months ago
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Movies are so subjective.

I think this is a great movie. You don't think this a great movie. Neither of us are right or wrong.
*Sigh* people on the internet(and people in general) really need to learn what an opinion is.
Treating opinions like facts is what little kids do.
12 years 3 months ago
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Outdated? Well, yeah, it’s 65 years old. James Dean would be like 90 years old now if he hadn’t died so young. I don’t even know how you could watch an old film and not expect it to age. If you think this, you’re probably the type of person that’ll be complaining 50 years from now that films aren’t any good anymore because you can’t relate to them anymore. The film isn’t the problem, you are. Of course, the way people talk and dress are going to be entirely different, but the themes are universal. Growing up, getting over your head, finding your place in the world and learning how to be a man are all timeless and won’t ever change.
1 year 11 months ago
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Even if I tried, I couldn't be able to pick a movie this pointless. I really couldn't.
2 years 8 months ago
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The line "You did everything a man could" really breaks my heart.
4 years 2 months ago
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It's dated and the supporting cast is pretty weak, but James Dean's performance is amazing and nearly carries the movie on his own. The scenes without him suffer though.
6 years 4 months ago
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If you want to know why James Dean's untimely demise was such a tragedy from a movie buff's point of view, look no further than this performance...and I've been so anesthetized by "Gilligan's Island" that I never thought that Jim Backus could portray one of the saddest and most pitiful characters in the entire movie.
7 years 8 months ago
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My favorite Dean flick.
11 years 3 months ago
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It's not a bad movie, but it's kind of outdated
12 years 4 months ago
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because it isn't a great movie! :)
12 years 6 months ago

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