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107 min.
Paul W.S. Anderson
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror
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1.4% (1:74)
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  1. dpanter's avatar


    A majestic mountain of unbelievable shit.

    You could never make something this bad if you tried to, but our man PWSA delivers again and again. Aside from a few cool things like some of the stunts, the tanks, the burning of the building and revisiting the ol' laser hall... it's just pure excrement in every regard.

    Wesker looks like he was made with crappy CGI... holy crap. There are soo many tropes in this stinker you'd never be able count them all. To name a few...
    48 hour deadline. Looking at the countdown timer exactly when the seconds move from 00 to 59. Jump scares. Taking a beating then laughing before killing your assailants. Saying things like 'running out of time', 'got to hurry' yet often taking the time to stand around and stare until something attacks. Running from countless zombies who magically disappear whenever. Dragons.

    I've seen all the movies including the animated ones and played several of the games. After yet another catastrophic movie, even I can't understand why anymore. It feels like it's way overdue to retire the franchise.

    Absolutely not recommended.
    7 years 3 months ago
  2. Dawizz's avatar


    The first two movies of this franchise are the only ones you have to see, all the other abominations (including this one) just skip them. How can you enjoy this movie/"final chapter" when right out of the bat it destroys any and all franchise History with this:

    At the beginning of the movie, Alice gives a history of the Umbrella Corporation. She says that the T-Virus was created by a Dr. Marcus for his daughter Alicia to prevent her rapid aging. This completely contradicts the story of Resident Evil: Apocalypse as this movie establishes the T-Virus as being created by Dr. Ashford for his daughter Angie.

    This is a huge plot hole, the size of Texas. And they are a lot of them, like Alice loses her senses a couple of times for long period of time,and no zombie(s) chow down on her? 10 years after the ZA and she finds a car that works? With a huge Solar Panel on the roof! It's a Solar Panel right? Why do the Cerberus stop at the entrance of the Hive? Alice tells us that "maybe they are afraid of what's inside" And what is inside exactly? Well just a big nothing at all! A lame zombie or two, some bobby traps here and there (just wen the movie plot calls for them) and nothing else! What happened to all the Bio Weapons/experiments/toys etc we saw Umbrella has down there? And what happened to the little Black boy? Did I miss his dead?
    7 years 4 months ago
  3. monty's avatar


    A masterclass in poor filmmaking. 7 years 3 months ago
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