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This one was very meh. A plot and a narrative done in many other body-horror/sci-fi films (some better, some worst) and this movie doesn't really do much to deviate away from the norm. Effects were sub-par (in some scenes you could tell a 3D ocean was added..) and the creature design was very bland.

I will give the cast a thumbs up as the acting wasn't bad (nothing too over-dramatic or exaggerated, solid delivery of lines) and the characters were believable (I could imagine a crew like this in real life). However, there is a little to no background given to some of the characters (even the main heroine) which makes it hard for us to really care what happens to them.

Not worth putting on a "to-watch" movie list - there are a lot of better body-horror films out there to watch.
2 years 5 months ago
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