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110 min.
Scott Derrickson
Thriller, Mystery, Horror
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4.2% (1:24)
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  1. ArtiVlora's avatar


    Enjoyed Ethan Hawke's performance. The use of sound was successful in creating an ominous and uncomfortable atmosphere and the plot was rather interesting as well. The end of the film, however, felt extremely rushed and lazy and left me unsatisfied. 10 years 10 months ago
  2. Aissi's avatar


    Great build-up, fairly predictable, rather disappointing ending. And, as CSSCHNEIDER says, a music cue before every jump scare. 11 years 3 months ago
  3. havealemon's avatar


    This movie was simply 'meh'. Most of the time I was laughing rather than feeling scared. The main character's stupidity and ego was so great (typical of a horror character but a bit over the top this time) that it was laugh out loud hilarious to me, and to the rest of the audience I watched it with.

    The parts of the movie where the tension was amped up were very effective but were only put there to set up stupid jump scares you could see coming a mile away.

    I did like the tone of the film as well as the actors, but I felt like the jump scares and all the exposition let it down. The snuff films that the main character finds and watches were disturbing enough, they didn't need to resort to dumb predictable scares when they had strong material like that to work with.

    Ultimately the movie didn't know what it wanted to be. It was meant to be a serious supernatural film plus a character study but the jump scares spoiled it. Also the movie left nothing ambiguous which I felt could've made it more intriguing overall.

    There were some bright spots though, like I said. Ethan Hawke played his part well, the kids were unexpectedly likeable, and the dumb deputy sheriff was charming. Also the 'found footage' itself was quite harrowing and it was a pity the film was unintentionally comical in other places since it had a lot going for it.

    Ultimately good for one watch but not a rewatch because I was too disappointed by the squandered potential.
    11 years 8 months ago
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