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148 min.
Jon Watts
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
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6.5% (1:15)
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  1. sjeiben's avatar


    I will not need the help from Doctor Strange to forget this movie. 2 years 4 months ago
  2. SpacedJ's avatar


    spoiler 2 years 4 months ago
  3. baraka92's avatar


    It was entertaining and as someone who loves Spider-Man 2, I couldn’t help but smile everytime Maguire and Molina were on screen; but at the end of the day, this is an unremarkable and hollow movie.

    First of all, the casting made the whole thing seem very arbitrary. spoiler If they wanted just the villains they should’ve established that. spoiler Their absence led to some possible awkward scenarios. spoiler

    The movie as a whole can be described as “Remember this thing! Remember that thing!” to quote Red Letter Media. I don’t know what people that compare it to Into the Spiderverse are watching. Aside from both dealing with a multiverse, they couldn’t be farther from each other. Spiderverse relied on great writing and artistry to tell a compelling story with themes. Yes, there were winks to past interpretations of the characters but those were never at the forefront.

    There was a sitcom feel, whenever a "new" character appeared, which might be very appropriate since the filmmaking was already boring and bland; even in the most dramatic moments. As for the action, it was just run of the mill CGI fest. This stuff makes you appreciate the action of Nolan or the Mission Impossible films even more. As is usual for Marvel, none of the images have any resonance. This cost 200 million dollars?

    I’d bet good money that guys like Scorsese and Coppola never had an issue with past comic book franchises like Donner's Superman, Burton's Batman , Raimi's Spider-Man or Nolan’s Dark Knight… Heck! Even X-Men from Matthew Vaughn and "that other guy". All of those still resonate with audiences because of their artistic vision and thematic elements. Even the most divisive ones like Batman Returns. But the MCU is just a factory preoccupied with finding more IP’s to exploit and making films that look and feel the same way; all to have people saying what we say on a theme park ride: “Hey! It's that thing”.
    2 years 4 months ago
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