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frankqb's avatar


There's so much to like in this film. There's also so much to dislike, however.

- Holy crap the visuals. Great. The fight sequences are pretty fantastic. Some of the climactic scenes spoiler are great.
- It felt unique. Johnson's extensive use of close-ups really gave it a unique tone.
- Over all the story was solid-ish, and there were definitely parts where the opening night audience cheered.

-It's a good 30 minutes too long. As one professional reviewer pointed out, somewhere in there is a fantastic 90 minute Star Wars Movie
- The subplot spoiler was abysmally bad and insulting. Felt prequel SW bad. Holy crap I couldn't believe how bad it was.
- By splitting up the characters, the dramatic tension was diluted. But when they get back together in the same place, man, does the film cook.
- One important moment is never really resolved spoiler
- The humour was way too over the top and silly. Meta-awareness has always been Han Solo's job, and it just seemed out of place coming from other people.
-Trying to be cool and modern: Alongside the humour is the weird way language is used. A lot of modern vernacular and body language is used that just feels out of place in Star Wars.
- The music: John Williams is a living legend, but overall this had nothing new to offer and felt watered down.
- The tone: It didn't feel like Star Wars in the way I though The Force Awakens PERFECTLY captured the Star Wars tone. It was close, but it was it's own thing. Maybe that's fine. Wasn't for me though.
-Useless romance that seems incredibly tacked on.

Overall: I liked the movie, but there's much about it that bugged me. Some parts were FANTASTIC and others were just awful. Hammil was solid. There was very little in the way of character arcs for anyone though. It was all just kind of treading water. The film really had no pathos, ultimately. It just kind IS a Star Wars story. Felt more like Rogue One in the way it emulates Star Wars than just BEING a Star Wars movie. Also, like Rogue One, it felt more like a film about military operation than about a real adventure. Where was the adventure here? Larry Kasdan needs to write the rest of this series. His magic was sorely lacking here.

3.5 stars out of 5
5 years 9 months ago
Realenur's avatar


Why don't I like this movie. I almost HATE it. But why, when my love for the universe is so strong. Is it because the charm is long gone or because I had too high expectations. These words are written after I saw it again, 10 months after I saw it the first time in cinema. Still I simply don't like it. I don't laugh, cry or cheer at any time, I just don't feel it. I like the evolution of the universe, to experience new planets, places, and new beings. Porgs are sweet, but they have any
significance for the plot, as Ewoks did. Porgs is only created to sell teddy bears. Yeah, I know that the Star Wars itself created this phenomenon, but it's tasteless here.

I am worried about this amazing universe future. I enjoyed The Force Awakens and Rogue One, I chose to avoid The Solo story, as I would like to keep the mystery surrounding Han
5 years 9 months ago
Pauljt1980's avatar


Need to see it again as I’m unsure what to think of this one yet. Went in with extremely high expectations so illlet the dust settle a bit before passing judgement. I’m struggling to understand Kylo Rens arc and motivation after watching this.
5 years 9 months ago
H.Benjamin's avatar


Fairly disappointed with this one. For such a serious movie, I felt some of the humour was forced and out of place which caused some tonal ambiguity. Finn's become a side character and his pointless arc only existed to give him something to do, while his whole romance story was not obvious at all; his relationship with Rey was much more genuine in the Force Awakens. There were also a lot missed opportunities in terms of what Abrams set up as the questions posed in the Force Awakens were completely disregarded since Rian decided to move it in a different direction. Kylo's development was by far the strongest aspect in this film but everything else felt insignificant. There were also some jaw-dropping moments and a fresh twist in there, but these moments don't really make up for the mediocre writing. It's definitely not a bad film, but it's not great either.
5 years 9 months ago
stefenemie's avatar


I think this was a Star Wars film that wasn't made for Star Wars fans. I personally think that's a good thing, but it has hurt the feelings of a lot of fanboys. I get it. It isn't what you thought it would be. The movie kills a lot of fan theories, and it doesn't give a damn what your opinions are. I thought it was brilliant. I don't get the humor complaint. The original trilogy had some of the hokiest humor. I guess people have trouble with change. But the fact that so many people outside the fanboy community love this film shows that Rian Johnson did something right. He didn't just pander like Abrams did with Force Awakens. Sadly, I fear the 3rd film will go right back to that same familiar feeling that you've seen it all before.
5 years 9 months ago
great's avatar


Enjoyable, not happy with some missed opportunities though. Mark Hamill was fantastic.
5 years 9 months ago
boulderman's avatar


Enjoyed the film, in reflection there didn't seem to be much of a plot. More a sub-plot and some character development?
5 years 8 months ago
ChrisReynolds's avatar


A bit of a mixed bag. Some of the scenes feel properly epic in the best Star Wars fashion, and ones that are genuinely beautiful but others feel banal and unnecessary. Lots of impressive action but the commanders on both sides of the conflict come across as blunderers who make obvious mistakes. Worth watching just to see Hamill and Driver's great performances.
5 years 9 months ago
Siskoid's avatar


Star Wars - The Last Jedi may wink at elements The Empire Strikes Back (a roguish gambler, the Imperial Guard, training with an old Jedi master), but has more in common with Rogue One, and that's a good thing. The Force Awakens had entirely too much "tribute" that turned into replication, while this feels fresher by turning left instead of right and confounding expectations. Like the previous film, it's funny and exciting, and when it comes to Luke and Leia's roles, emotional as well. I like how the stakes are relatively small in this, and yet far-ranging. In terms of pacing, it may feel like "one damn thing after another" and the side-trips mostly pointless (I'm waiting for someone to compare it to the bloated Age of Ultron, so I'll say it first), but there's a point to the pointlessness. This is a story of attrition. The more the Rebels lose, the darker the situation gets, the better they can bounce back in the last film. It's darkest before the dawn, and the film achieves that without doing a beat-for-beat replay of Empire.

I've also written a longer essay on the film's themes, called The Last Jedi, Nerd Rage, and What the War Is Really About. Check it out for more: https://siskoid.blogspot.ca/2017/12/the-last-jedi-nerd-rage-and-what-war-is.html
5 years 9 months ago
Jace Lightner's avatar

Jace Lightner

I am no doubt a fan boy of the franchise and may inadvertently make biased comments but nevertheless, I need to say what I need to say...

This movie was absolutely awesome. I was gripped from start to finish. There was never a dull moment throughout its duration. I enjoyed the subplots and was happy to see the characters gaining more depth and being fleshed out. They have definitely been solidified as icons. My love for poe, Finn, Rey and kylo ren has increased 10-fold (of course, this was made possible... or easier with the help of our established legends doing a spectacular job by passing the torch)

I’ve seen many people criticise the length of the movie but I genuinely did not want it to end. If this movie lasted 4 hours, I am 100% positive I would still be on the edge of my seat and my heart would be beating pretty fast throughout its duration

The comedy, twists and turns, shocking moments, heartbreaking scenes and unforgettable plot in turn evoked a plethora of emotions out of me. I was “marking out” (a term wrestling fans use to describe a “freak out” moment so to speak) throughout multiple moments in the movie

There’s still a lot of unanswered questions and biggest criticism I have is the following:


One genuine criticism I have of the movie is how some terminology was used. This isn’t a spoiler but at one point I heard a character say “Godspeed”.... “FORCESPEED” sounds much better (unless said character is somehow from planet earth
5 years 9 months ago
egress63's avatar


An incoherent mess that doesn't know what it wants to do. There are story arcs that don't add anything to the plot, there are characters who don't contribute anything to the movie and there are inconsistencies that make the previous movies in the series null and void.

That said, if your brain is dead (alternatively, if you can convince your brain to die for the duration of the movie), it is a visual feast and has a few funny moments that would make it a fun watch with your family on a Sunday afternoon. 4/10.
4 years 10 months ago
MrDoog's avatar


Subjectively, I didn't enjoy this. The jokes fell flat, many of the character arcs made no sense to me and two of the main plots turned out to be completely redundant ( Finn's and Poe's) I also didn't like how they used Luke and Chewie.

Objectively, the sheer number of inconsistencies, plot holes, plot conveniences and inexplicable decisions among the characters just in order to drive more plot convenience was astounding for such a large project. There wasn't even basic continuity within self contained scenes. Really piss poor writing and continuity. It's as if nobody even proofread it.
5 years 3 months ago
Spacepimp's avatar


A Lightsaber nunchaku is probably the stupidest wepon I've ever seen.
4 years 7 months ago
Earring72's avatar


Overlong (subplot with Finn and Rose), some characters are underused (Leia, Chewie, R2D2) and still no answers to anything in Episode VII but different, exciting and fun take on Star Wars. Welcome Back Luke, we missed you. Great action, some serious drama and great special effects.

I think TLJ will grow better and better over the years. Really enjoyed it.
5 years 5 months ago
kaaaaaro's avatar


This film has 3rd to 8th act problems but themewise it's definitely a step up from the previous one (which was devoid of all meaning, if you ask me). So maybe Episode IX can actually be a good movie. We'll see...
4 years 11 months ago

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