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  1. 6
    Twilight Time's icon

    Twilight Time

    Ranking #6
  2. 8
    Irvin Kershner Movies's icon

    Irvin Kershner Movies

    Ranking #8
  3. 15
    George C. Scott Filmography's icon

    George C. Scott Filmography

    Ranking #15
  4. 25
    Jack Albertson Filmography's icon

    Jack Albertson Filmography

    Ranking #25
  5. 30
    Best of the Con Artist's icon

    Best of the Con Artist

    Ranking #30
  6. 138
    Jerry Goldsmith's icon

    Jerry Goldsmith

    Ranking #138
  7. 354
    Jimmy Carter's Presidential Viewing List's icon

    Jimmy Carter's Presidential Viewing List

    Ranking #354
  8. 403
    My picks for ICM Forum's 500<400: Ranked's icon

    My picks for ICM Forum's 500<400: Ranked

    Ranking #403
  9. 416
    Film Fanatic Book Two (F-L)'s icon

    Film Fanatic Book Two (F-L)

    Ranking #416
  10. 653
    1000 Favourite Movies's icon

    1000 Favourite Movies

    Ranking #653
  11. 1203
    400_400_List3's icon


    Ranking #1203
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