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I was pleasantly surprised by this film. As a guy I'm a bit ashamed to admit I was almost as smitten with Morris as Catherine was. Clift played his role perfectly and that's what much of the story was reliant on.

I disagree with a previous poster who suggested de Havilland ill-fit for the part. In the pantheon of leading ladies of the forties, she was (and I don't mean to sound mean) arguably as homely as any. But perhaps that just speaks to the level of all actresses at the time. Anyway, if you thought she was miscast, imagine Jessica Chastain in the role, which she will be assuming on Broadway quite soon.

Regardless, I recommend!!!
11 years 8 months ago
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One of the great movies...Wyler is a true, underrated genius
12 years 10 months ago
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The ending is so satisfying. All three lead actors (including the father) did so superbly you cant help but be impressed. spoiler
7 years 10 months ago
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This movie seems to have been forgotten, what a shame.
13 years 11 months ago
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Powerful last scene.
13 years 6 months ago
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Unbearably brilliant
1 month 2 weeks ago
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2 years 9 months ago
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a heritage of lovelessness
11 years 8 months ago
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the ending kinda made up for it, nothing much more in it, lacked a central tension for me. at times reminded of hitch's suspicion which was a lot enjoyable.
6 years 3 months ago
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"Oh no, I would have to WORK to provide for us!"
11 years 3 months ago
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Olivia de Havilland was miscast; the script clearly called for a homely woman.

IMDb calls her father "emotionally abusive," and despite one poorly thought-out outburst, that is untrue. He was wise and loving. Catherine was the least sympathetic character in this movie. If she would have been less superficial and more self-aware she could've ended up with a good life.
12 years 5 months ago
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