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103 min.
M. Night Shyamalan
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Family
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0.8% (1:132)
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  1. badblokebob's avatar


    It amazes me anyone can like or defend such an incompetently made film. I've seen worse, but not any I can think of from such a high-profile and once-praised director.

    There seems to be some decent stuff tucked away in there, but it's buried by woefully-written dialogue, a lack of basic storytelling skill (has no one told Shyamalan "show don't tell"?) and an ill-explained world. The pacing is shot as well -- it feels like a season of TV someone chopped away at to make it fit 90 minutes, and like they did a clumsy job of it too.

    And then there's a cliffhanger too! I do wish films that have no certainty of getting a sequel would stop ending on such blatant setups -- they usually fail to generate enough interest to justify a follow-up (see: Eragon, Golden Compass, etc).
    11 years 6 months ago
  2. Toastinator's avatar


    Legendarily bad. 8 years 6 months ago
  3. jktomas's avatar


    I'd like to say that it's the worst movie ever made, but the truth is that it's not even a movie. It's not. It's a live action recap of the first season of incredible tv series. This "film" has no scenes, it only has talentless cosplayers dressed as characters from the show explaining what happened or will happen or how the world of the story works. Was there a single line in the "movie" that wasn't there just to explain something? This "film" is nothing but endless exposition.
    My favorite "scene" (and by "favorite" I mean "I laughed the hardest") was when Zuko asked a random kid to come closer and explain a bit of the plot to the audience, after explaining the kid just left - what was the point of that "scene"? Exposition of course.
    I guess that's what you get for trying to fit 20+ episodes of a tv show into one movie. But if that's the case why is this "movie" only 100 minutes long? Lord of the Rings have a lot of exposition too, but it has hours of human moments to make up for it. Not that I wanted this garbage to last for 3 and a half hours, but it could have been better if there were at least some character development.
    I could talk forever about the acting, the choise for casting, the effects, the pacing etc., but that would be too much like reviewing a movie, and as I said it is NOT a movie, far from it.
    But of course the saddest part of the existence of this "movie" is that the show (which by the way is brilliant) gets a bad reputation now. I've heard multiple times people bad mouthing both the "film" and the show without even seeing the show and assuming that "if it has the same story and names of the characters so it must be just as bad". That's sad... On the bright side the only reason I watched the show was to prepare myself for this movie. I'm glad I did, cause all three seasons were golden.
    10 years ago
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