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129 min.
Steven Spielberg
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
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1.5% (1:67)
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  1. Dieguito's avatar


    Always cool to watch the special effect Dinosaurs again, but not quite a good movie.. 12 years 11 months ago
  2. margie's avatar


    I think that this was an alright sequel. Not good, not bad either. The first Jurassic Park movie was so much better, in my opinion. 12 years 3 months ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    Spielberg returned to Jurassic Park with The Lost World, which has some good-looking dinosaurs (both old and new) and makes good use of top-shelf animatronics to cement its reality. Jeff Goldblum also returns, with a new affable team you don't want to see get killed - in fact, he's probably the one hero character who normally WOULD die in a thing like this - including a daughter he suddenly seems to have (because the Jurassic Park formula requires kids in jeopardy). Different island, which gets discovered because Hammond's company didn't put buoys around it, and while the goodies try to snap pictures, big game hunters are trying to bag animals for a zoo or a wall. Spielberg knows how to fill a frame and create tension, which he sometimes extend beyond endurance here (the truck off the cliff bit lasts way too long, for example), but it's the script that really leaves a lot to be desired. There's no caring for the villains - is the big white hunter meant to be NOBLE at the end? It doesn't really work - big reveals are lame, and I really wish Julianne Moore's paleontologist would use a SHRED of scientific expertise to get out of problems instead of just doing the same action everyone does. Problems often generated by characters acting stupidly, I might add. And then after an anti-climactic ending, there's a brain dead fourth act that doesn't make any kind of sense (what ate the crew? what are those quiet suburbs next to the waterfront? why doesn't the kid care a dinosaur ate his dog?). I've gone on record saying the original J-Park dazzled you with fx so you didn't noting the huge plot holes. As this one plays out, we take the dinos for granted so there's no hiding the writing problems. 3 years 8 months ago
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