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If you overlook how preposterous the premise is (which easy to do), The Martian is an ultra-engrossing, wholly satisfying film-going experience like no other so far this year. I was quite literally gripping the edge of my seat during the film's climax. Damon gives a great performance backed by a stellar cast, and his sense of humour matches that of the book most of the time.

While, overall, the film could be seen as mildly nationalistic and safe, God dammit if it doesn't make you want to root for Mark Watney.

5 stars
7 years 2 months ago
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The Martian is a good reminder of why Ridley Scott is a master director who has so much to teach aspiring filmmakers. Even in his later career, when he is as likely to make a bomb as a success, he can put out an instant classic film like The Martian to show other filmmakers how it’s done. The Martian is a movie that doubles as a teaching tool in problem solving, and an advertising resource for NASA. That’s because it shows the amazing feats that ingenuity and hard work can accomplish, while simultaneously showcasing the heights that humanity can come to by working in unison. It’s a bit on the idealistic side, sure, but maybe we’re due for some idealism in our pop culture.
6 years 11 months ago
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Honestly could not recommend this movie enough!
The story was brilliant, the cast were great and especially Matt Damon, brought great charisma and humour in the role!
7 years 2 months ago
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Forget about Prometheus. This is Ridley Scotts true return to Sci-fi. It's also one of his best films in years.
7 years 1 month ago
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Ridley Scott is back! Just saw this at a pre-screening. Just so great. A big step up from The Counselor and Exodus.
7 years 2 months ago
Camille Deadpan's avatar

Camille Deadpan

I see that most of you liked that he was talking to himself. I didn't see humour in his talk, it was just plain annoying for me. With all the different cameras on him it felt like a reality show.
Moon (2009) is so much better!
6 years 9 months ago
fonz's avatar


Perhaps it is because I read the book (a technical survival guide written by a mid-90s Tarantino) but nothing about this movie wowed me. For a guy who directed what can arguably be considered one of the finest horror films (let alone space set) of all time and one of the best sci-fi films ever, this was fairly disappointing. A criticism I had for the book as well as this film was how much can go wrong before you accept that Mark Watney is basically an unflappable MacGuyver. Yeah I get it, this guy is the epitome of the human spirit to triumph in the face of overwhelming odds but nothing gets him down. He needs more than his good humor to stay sane especially given how much he complains that all he has to listen to is disco music.

In the past two years, there were two releases that can be argued to be essential to theater going experiences, Gravity and Interstellar, particularly if you saw either in IMAX. The Martian, sharing visual and casting choices, never felt necessary to make a special theater trip. Perhaps it could be my confusion as to why the actors insisted on called him Mark Watney rather than Matt Damon. Or Jason Bourne. Or (Good) Will Hunting. But I will credit the movie for giving me a new phrase to use when faced with a challenge--"it's time to science the shit outta this."
7 years 2 months ago
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A more Hollywood take than the defiantly nerdy novel, but it carries through the themes and message of the book. A good watch.
2 years 7 months ago
Sviggolo's avatar


MacGyver in space :)
6 years 6 months ago
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This could have been a much shorter film... For me it didn't live up to the hype at all!
6 years 7 months ago
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Enjoyable, with good actors and an interesting plot. I really was curious to see how the story would unfold. Great mix of drama, comedy and sci-fi. I only wish they were more scenes with Jessica Chastain.
6 years 10 months ago
danisanna's avatar


What a fun ride!
3 years 8 months ago
Earring72's avatar


Entertaining and engrossing sci fi drama. Well directed
3 years 12 months ago
Limbesdautomne's avatar


Scott return. But is Ridley Scott an auteur?

Read more in French on La Saveur des goûts amers.
4 years 10 months ago
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The Martian is a very good advertisement for NASA and the upcoming Mars missions, and I do love a good scientific endeavor movie. Smart people overcoming obstacles to achieve goals, it's great. Usually, it's in the context of a true story, which gives those achievements gravitas. In the case of The Martian, it's fiction and the drama feels necessarily more contrived. Matt Damon in the lead is perhaps a little too witty, all the astronauts perhaps a little too much like cowboys, the people on the ground perhaps a little too obstructive. (Compare to Apollo 13 to see what I mean.) You know what I mean. It's a great entertainment, don't get me wrong, and I think we need movies like this that can inspire a generation of thinkers, in this age of anti-vaxxing and climate change denying. If you're asking me if this is, like, the best film of the year or what, I'm afraid I'm going to tell you I like its message and its craft, and that I hope the science is as accurate as it looks, but I'm perhaps not as enthusiastic as many critics seem to be.
4 years 10 months ago

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