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105 min.
Nia DaCosta
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
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1.6% (1:64)
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  1. Ash8668's avatar


    MCU The Infinity Saga had 23 movies! Out of 23 movies only 3 were bad, and 2 were terrible. Good times. Almost 3-4 movies every year if one is bad you still got 2-3 good/great ones.

    Now in The Multiverse Saga out of 10 movies atm 5 are bad and 3 are terrible, and The Marvels is one in terrible category. And two good ones, one is from Sony and other is from the guy that left MCU. So I dont see how any of 6 future MCU movies will be any better.

    I am done with MCU. With every movie we get more and more bad writing, bad acting, bad characters, bad CGI, etc.
    Deadpool 3 will be the last one I will watch.
    4 months 2 weeks ago
  2. boulderman's avatar


    Bad pacing, beats, story (albeit there's something there) and the humour is cringy. Acting wasn't the best and the effects signs always hold up. Nice idea with the signing but this was a poor film 1 month ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    I liked Captain Marvel more than most. I liked Teyonah Parris as Monica Rambeau in WandaVision. I liked Ms. Marvel and her world in the TV Series. But The Marvels is underwhelming superhero fare and I think it's because it doesn't really have much of a human story. We're almost always in Plot, in fact almost always in action set piece. I like the throwback to the Mar-Vell/Rick Jones switcheroo from the comics, but there's just too much switching places in the movie, making the fights a bit samey and sometimes confusing. Carol's big story is a consequence of something we didn't see happen are only told about. Monica and Kamala's character arcs are grounded in MacGuffins or plot convenience. The villain is forgettable. Now, I do appreciate that some of the ideas here are pretty loopy and things we haven't seen before, but they either don't go far enough (the musical planet) or are so silly, they'd be a better fit in She-Hulk (Ms. Marvel's parents fighting Kree warriors with mops, the Flurken sequence). There's a nod to the fun way Ms. Marvel was told, but it's not only her movie, so it's dropped. With the level of ridiculous humor (amped up in the MCU since Ragnarok's success), it doesn't feel like Captain Marvel's tone either. Watchable, but by the numbers. Marvel needs to get back to what made the first Phase such a success. It wasn't that they had "better/more well-known characters" - Iron Man and Thor weren't Spider-Man or X-Men - but that the stories were character-driven and well told. Now it's all about increased continuity and a roller coaster of laughs and dramatic moments, a formula applied to every film no matter its needs. 2 months ago
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