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130 min.
Stephen Sommers
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller
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1.3% (1:78)
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  1. lachyas's avatar


    That kid was annoying as hell but he sure could build a damn fine sandcastle. 9 years 3 months ago
  2. IreneAdler's avatar


    I think it was a nice sequel. Nice effects and scenery, good fun... not as scary as the first one but still very nice and funny. 9 years ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    Is the franchise following the Indiana Jones guidebook? Because The Mummy Returns has Rick and Evie spawn a kid, and in annoying movie fashion, he's both the cause of all the problems, and magically, the solution. Not that I ever buy the two leads as parents. To try and outdo the first film (and in many ways it does), they find ways to stage action pieces in a greater variety of locales. Egypt has to be central, of course, but scenes in 1930s London, steep ravines and spontaneous jungles give us some diversity. The film's big weakness isn't even the kid - he's fine - but all the retcons they seem to have injected in the lore. If Evie was connected to the Mummy THAT way, wouldn't there have been mention of it in the first film? And it's way too late for people to find mystical tattoos on themselves. In comparison, Jonathan's migrating accent is a mere blip. As for the Scorpion King, well, I thought the Rock would be in this a lot more than he was, and for most of it, he's some of the most ridiculed CG in movie history. I can see how the director went from this to Van Helsing, but not how the character went on to lead his own film franchise (well, one film and a bunch of direct-to-DVD flicks). Did like the added lore though, and Imhotep has a better and more tragic story. Did I like this one more than the first? In some ways yes, in other ways no, so it comes out pretty even. 1 year 9 months ago
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