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Great film?


I reckon.
9 years 11 months ago
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The horned toad says we should go to Mexico.
4 years 3 months ago
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Dyin' ain't much of a living, boy.
3 years 5 months ago
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Epic, eminently quotable Civil War western is probably my favorite of Eastwood's non-Leone excursions into the genre. Lots of first-rate showdowns and memorable characters, including a hilariously bad-ass granny, a "civilized" Indian, and a loyal squaw who speaks no English. Beware of flying tobacco juice!
10 years 3 months ago
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A superb western? I reckon so.
2 years 6 months ago
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I've been doing a bit of a Western marathon, and I'm so glad I didn't comment on this one before watching Unforgiven, because that really shows the right way to make a gloomy Western. Now, I have no intention of saying that this movie is bad. On the contrary, it's pretty dang good. There are just some big issues that keep me from loving it.

There is, however, a lot of good to it. Clint Eastwood is a master of the aloof wanderer. I can't say he portrays this character all that differently from The Man With No Name, but the context of the story works with his performance and alters it quite interestingly. Here, he comes off as shut-in and distant for entirely different (and more clear) reasons. He's also a great director. The colour palate of the movie, in particular, is eye-catching. There's a lot of grim, saturated browns and greens, with sprinklings of vibrant autumn leaves, and the scarves of Union soldiers. Chief Dan George's peaceful wisdom provides a much-needed balance to Eastwood's grit, and Paula Trueman is definitely the comedic highlight of the film.

My big issue is the tone. The movie would've worked much better if it was a straight war drama with a Western paint job. A different take on your typical Rambo-type character; one that's a down-and-dirty gunslinger. But, this clashes with some scenes that you might find in A Fistful Of Dollars, just without Sergio Leone's masterful use of suspense. Wales will take out numerous opponents with apparent ease, and then we'll go to a scene of quiet remorse for his lost family. They just don't fit together. The only other notable flaw that comes to mind is Bill McKinney's performance. He's quite a one-note villain, and is another facet of the movie holding it back. I know this could be a unique, complex movie, but as-is, it's still a strong entry in the Eastwood catalogue.
2 years 11 months ago
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- He's got a scar on his face, like this...
- A-humph...
2 weeks 4 days ago
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Awesome movie!


My beard and chest hair grew 14 times faster than an average male.
7 years 9 months ago
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Watching makes you want to go out and grab the worst tasting chewing tabacco and go to town. Well... not really, yuck. Eastwood's directing is really evident and it's an entertaining film but not one of my all-time favorite westerns. Lots of great gunfighting here, they did get a little carried away with bullet counts though. Two pistols with six shots = 12 bad guys dead, not like 30 without reloading (which takes literally forever with black powder cowboy revolvers.)
4 years 3 months ago
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starts quite bad, but gets real good
9 years 9 months ago
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Bored me...
4 years 5 months ago
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anti-war message with extreme killcount

6 years 1 month ago
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