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I watched the KINO DVD and the Cohen BR side-to-side.
(This turned out to be a good idea for the experience with the movie, and not so much with making time for other movies.)
Both tinted, but in various ways.
In the 1st half the DVD employs more various tints, while BR sticks to B&W or sepia more.
I think it's the other way around for the 2nd half.
At some point BR starts looking considerably more cropped, that tips the scales for me in favor of DVD completely already. Later even more.

There are some differences in scenes, here the most noticeable
Overall DVD is faster moving for some reason though FPS seems to be the same 24;
BR shows the spoiler;
DVD has an extra shot with the spoiler;
BR has better picture quality in the spoilersequence, in fact DVD dips considerably here;
DVD has longer and extra shots with the spoiler;
and later with riding through the desert;
after that there's more shots that last longer than the other version, BR has a number of slightly longer ones as well, and even extra scenes of the more pointless kind;
the spoiler scene lasts 30 seconds longer in the DVD version;
there's more differences after that where lots of action is going on, and BR is lacking 3 minutes here, but adds about ten seconds in the final 2 minutes of spoiler.
7 years 8 months ago
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Great adventure. My 4 year old son and I were captivated all the way through.
10 years 2 months ago
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A truly delightful fantasy adventure that pulls out all the silent-era stops. Staggering sets and set pieces, ingenious effects, literal armies of extras, all supporting a terrifically energetic performance by Fairbanks. A sumptuous treat from start to finish.
12 months ago
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Douglas Fairbanks was born for this role! Excellent movie! Great costumes and visuals.
9 years 8 months ago
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Probably the greatest silent epic I've ever seen. I would've liked it to have been an hour longer. A true gem and it increases my interest in silent cinema twofold.
9 years 9 months ago
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Way much better than the 1940 one.
1 year 10 months ago
-1flb2-'s avatar


An excellent movie. Scenery and production done on a grand scale.
6 years 11 months ago
akuma587's avatar


A simply phenomenal film. A lot of fun to watch.
12 years 1 month ago
tommy_leazaq's avatar


The movie could have been longer.. The final act seems to be pretty rushed.. But a great fantasy adventure nonetheless.
9 years 2 months ago
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