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Not without its charm (and a hefty dose of cheese), but it really misses most of the themes of the novel in favour of some questionable romantic and thriller sequences. Something of a disappointment, given the source material.
11 years 1 month ago
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Loved it.
12 years 5 months ago
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George Pal's The Time Machine is actually a lot closer to H.G. Wells' novella than you'd think. Even the queasy romance with a vaccuous Eloi is in the book, but there's a difference between reading about it and seeing it performed. No one buys it, George. The main addition is that the time traveler gets to visit actual future events, known in 1960, and there's some poignancy to be had with his visits to the two World Wars, informing his visit to 802,701 A.D. slightly differently. The time lapse photography is a very cool conceit to show time passing, and the machine itself a design icon. Now if I put on my Whovian scarf for a minute (and I note George's friend Filby has a similar one), I can't imagine this film wasn't a huge influence on Doctor Who. I find it a lot more credible that Sydney Newman had been inspired by the film rather than the book, and the same might go for Terry Nation who basically rewrote The Time Machine with the Daleks in the role of the Morlocks, and the Thal as the Eloi. So just as Trekkies should see Forbidden Planet at least once in their lives, Whovians should see 1960's The Time Machine.
5 years 4 months ago
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Somehow a really sweet movie. Some scenes may be a little over-dramatic and of course the visual effects look a little strange to today's eye... but it's certainly got some charme.

Watched it because it's referenced in the series "The Big Bang Theory" and my parents recommended it to me. Sweet!
9 years 3 months ago
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great movie........
12 years 9 months ago
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