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107 min.
Ivan Reitman
Crime, Comedy
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  1. GodPepper's avatar


    Twins is not only one of the best movies ever made, but it's also a flick that encapsulates the American psyche through the interaction between two universal archetypes. Schwarzenegger, ethically pure, loved and loving, a good savage that just arrived to the big city; and Danny DeVito, a self-centered petty criminal with no virtues whatsoever. Or in other words, Christ and Satan, Good and Evil, Virtue and Temptation.

    In the particular case of the US of A, this conflict is nothing more than a fight between Protestant Ethics and Capitalist Greed, the two most important institutions in the Land of the Free. At the core of the American project lays a contradiction between a morally-charged religion and an economy sustained by a generalized amoral behavior. And that's what this movie is about.

    Danny DeVito's unstoppable thirst for money can only be stopped by the selfless and charitable spirit of his recently discovered twin, a physical, intellectual and moral Übermensch.

    In the Bible, Jesus is defeated and crucified by the devil in us, because back when they wrote that Book, they didn't need a happy ending to cater to an unhappy middle-class; they just needed the terrifying promise of a Final Judgement to make sinners fall in line. But this is a Hollywood movie, which means Jesus Christ has to win: he turns the devil into a sweetheart, ending the movie with the creation of a pacified world where moral conflicts have been overcome, a world sustained by two pillars: Family and Business.

    This reveals the goodness in Christzenegger as a fraud, since far from preaching love to "thy neighbor", making morality universal and therefore shielded from racism, it won't reach further away than family, and since the possible amorality that lays in legal business will never be questioned by the law-abiding Übermensch. Family and businesses are, therefore, just two masks that the Temptation can now wear, as it gallivants across the lands, unseen and unquestioned.

    *Bonus track: There isn't a single black person in this movie.
    4 years 5 months ago
  2. IreneAdler's avatar


    Liked that movie... funny, sweet and entertaining! 9 years 10 months ago
  3. George Bailey's avatar

    George Bailey

    Despite the fact that my grandmother was Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret affair in 1987-1988, I gave it an 8! 12 years 8 months ago
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