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146 min.
Steven Spielberg
Drama, War
Rating *
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4.1% (1:24)
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  1. dombrewer's avatar


    I thought it was beautifully done and packed an emotional punch, master manipulator Mr. S is. Having seen and greatly admired the London theatre production which the script is partly based on I knew the various turns the story would take so had no issue at all with the structure - I just admired the way Spielberg translated it to the big screen. The way the horse was trained to perform Joey was remarkable and the Somme sequences were utterly brilliant (no surprises there). Personally I'd rather watch it again than Saving Private Ryan, but I'm sure that's just me. 10 years ago
  2. filmyjo's avatar


    Very unrealistic and artificial. Felt many scenes were forced to evoke emotional response from the audience. Speilberg doesn't have any fresh concepts it seems to be. 4 years 10 months ago
  3. Elica's avatar


    I like it, had a few tears cus I could feel the pain and sorrow. It is however mainly about the horse, so it will probably reach out more to those that are into horses/animals. The others may find it plain boring because they would rather see more about the actual war or what ever, not a horse's story. Only parts I didnt like were where the horse showed extreme intelligence/care (like when spoiler. That's far too unrealistic for my taste). Other than that, it's good.

    As mandapuspi mentioned earlier..finally a movie that shows what happens to the horses. In pretty much all other war movies, you just see them lying on the ground dead, being shot, running away with a burning wagon etc. In this, it's a different story.

    Watch a different movie if you DONT care about the animals in wars. It's a story about a horse and its owner, simple as that. I think it even said that in the description, so dont be disappointed when it actually is about the horse and its owner.
    9 years 1 month ago
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