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What a fucking epic climax. Wow.
7 years ago
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What a pounding journey !!! ... Relentless, unpredictable and intense ... Finishing on a real high after one last twist ... Delightful jazz music ...

Lion-like ‪J.K.Simmons‬ ruled with his authority and brooding presence, in a fiery role which has an odd surprise element or two ... ‪‎

Miles Teller‬ lived the part as the single-minded drummer with his sights firmly fixed on greatness ... He pulled off the drumming scenes pretty well too, particularly the pain, desperation and drive that he exhibited ..

‪MUST WATCH‬ ... Time well-spent ...
6 years 10 months ago
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Fucking great
6 years 11 months ago
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I got flashbacks to Uni, the second drummer in our band not being that great and the tutor making him repeat stuff over and over again whilst the rest of us watched awkwardly. Although, in the film, Andrew (Miles Teller) is actually good.

The tension in this film was great. I was absolutely gripped whenever J.K.Simmons was on screen and I can see why he's getting so much attention.

However, I really feel Miles Teller deserves some accolades. People complain about him having a "punchable face", but I thought he was great in The Spectacular Now and That Awkward Moment. I checked and he apparently did all the actual drumming (although not all in one go).

I liked that he ended the relationship with the girl. In similar films there would have been unnecessary tension in the third act from the girlfriend/boyfriend.

Part of me felt Andrew should have just started his own band but then it would have turned into a sports movie.

For once a film that's winning all types of awards, everyone is talking about AND it's actually really good!
6 years 11 months ago
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Instant favorite. Just wow.
6 years 11 months ago
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I was stunned to silence. This is one of the best films I have seen in a long, long time. Absolutely incredible.
6 years 11 months ago
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Jace Lightner

I have never experienced such a breathtaking performance that really beguiled me. I felt sympathy for characters that did not deserve it... as I would find out as the film progressed. The last scene itself is worthy of an Oscar award. So many twists and turns and most importantly, I was 100% invested in all the characters.

I have discovered new found love and respect for J.K. Simmons and will check out all his other work. During the duration of the film, I loved him, hated him, felt sympathy for him, felt disdain for him and the list goes on. To evoke a plethora of emotions seamlessly is in my opinion the epitome of what separates a good actor from a great one!

Miles Teller is the one to look out for as well. His on screen chemistry with Simmons felt second to none. So talented!

6 years 12 months ago
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Wow! This was intense as fuck! a drumming scene could just go on for an hour straight and you'd still be at the edge of your seat!
7 years ago
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Incredible filmmaking. Loved every second.
6 years 4 months ago
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Now _that_ was my fricking tempo.
6 years 6 months ago
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holy shit
6 years 8 months ago
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just watch it.
6 years 10 months ago
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Wow! simply wow! This movie is great. Loved every single moment of it..
6 years 11 months ago
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7 years ago
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Holy F***.... From beginning to end PURE AMAZING
7 years ago

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