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116 min.
Paul King
Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family, Musical
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3.7% (1:27)
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  1. chunkylefunga's avatar


    Not a patch on the 71 version but miles better than the god-awful burton movie. 3 months 4 weeks ago
  2. baraka92's avatar


    There are no real connections to the '71 film other than the name and an unearned rendition of Pure Imagination. This isn't Willy Wonka. Say what you want about Depp's take, at least him and Burton tried to echo Dahl's dark/bizarre undertones. Chalamet (I still don't get the hype around him) is a plucky dreamer. There's nothing about the unpredictable psychotic character Gene Wilder played.

    One of the best aspects of the original was the contrast between the outside world and the factory. In this one, Willy arrives on the town and starts doing his magic stuff but apparently that's not enough to become a sensation immediately. We get a silly plot about the chocolate cartel who never thinks about having him as a partner (specially since they admit, his chocolate is the best) and then rip him off with a contract or something. They should've combined Olivia Colman's character (her scenes were such a waste of time) and the other three guys as just one main antagonist .

    There's not a single memorable song, aside from Pure Imagination... obviously!
    The writing and acting are trying so hard to be charming but never reach the perfect tone of the Paddington films. Keegan-Michael Key and Hugh Grant are the only ones who nailed it.

    And lastly, the theme about dreams feels generic. Just a string of gift card quotes that have nothing on the lessons in the original about being a good kid.

    Overall: Safe and lame.
    5 months 1 week ago
  3. Earring72's avatar


    Charming family musical. Not on par with the '71 version but this was nice and sweet. Enjoyable visit to the movies with the kids. Hugh Grant is a lot of fun! 4 months 3 weeks ago
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