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101 min.
Rich Moore
Animation, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
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6.2% (1:16)
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  1. iMini's avatar


    I must say I thought this movie was fantastic, much better than it's main contender Brave (one of the weakest Pixar films yet) and maybe better than some other Pixar films too. It can be laugh out loud funny from time to time, and can get really emotional at times, it's been a long time since a movie (nevermind an animated) pulled on my strings like that.

    John C. Reilly does a fantastic job, as do the rest of the cast, Ralph and Vanellope have great chemistry and the relationship they have bounces from highs to low very quickly, but believably.

    I love video games so I really enjoyed some of the throwbacks (from Sonic to Bowser to the MGS !) to the visual style at times (for example, some of the 8-bit characters move in a very jerky manner, despite being 3D characters) so I might find more enjoyment in this than some people.

    Highly reccomended.
    11 years 4 months ago
  2. dpanter's avatar


    Great movie for all audiences, and brilliant movie for gamers. I'm an old skool gamer so hey, I loved it! No surprise that my nieces (8 and 10) loved it as well.

    Highly recommended.
    11 years 3 months ago
  3. dombrewer's avatar


    Given the fantastic untapped potential of a whole rich and diverse world of computer gaming I was hoping for so much more from this latest Disney product, but after a giddy start it proved to be a crashing disappointment. In essence it's trying very hard to be "Toy Story" for computer gamers, but lacking the seemingly effortless charm and storytelling skill of that Pixar classic in almost every way. There are so many delightful ideas that are thrown away by a thin storyline and often painfully unfunny dialogue, combined with some inconsistent design decisions (Ralph is smoothly animated at all times, yet his 8-bit compatriots charmingly drop frames and move according to the limitations of their on-screen graphics). John C Reilly does a fine job voicing the conflicted anti-hero, but is consistently let down by the script. Sarah Silverman is just awful as the sassy "little girl" Venellope - at no point did I feel I was listening to a kid, which could have been charming, rather an extremely knowing and mannered adult voice performance of a terminally uninteresting character. "Shut up and Drive" indeed, Rihanna, I wish she had. Jane Lynch gives a fun performance as tough as nails beauty Sergeant Calhoun from made-up modern First Person Shooter "Hero's Duty" (writing that reminds me of Vanellope's string of shit jokes - in both senses of the word - that we had to endure) - a section that's the clear visual highlight, but as soon as the film reaches and settles in cutesy driving game "Sugar Rush" all the momentum falls away and predictable plotting sets in. As more and more time is spent there the potential thrill of jumping from game to game is squandered and my interest dwindled with each old cliche of self improvement, being true to yourself and finding the good guy within.

    Finally - there's something I really don't get about the whole project - presumably just like the guys who made this film I grew up in the 8-bit era alongside the advent of personal computing in the early 80s and spent many an afternoon bunking off school throwing every 10p piece I could muster into arcade machines. I'm confused why something so heavily dependent on audience nostalgia is tonally aimed so strongly at younger kids who wouldn't know or care anything about that era. A great animated film for children doesn't have to be aimed at children, as Pixar have demonstrated again and again. It was great to see Q*bert, Tapper, Frogger, Sonic, the Street Fighter characters, and a whole host of others that would need a pause button to full take in, so much so that I ended up not caring at all about Ralph trading half hearted PG insults with Venellope, racing around "Sugar Rush" in her candy car. I suppose I wasn't the target audience - but somehow I was, and that contradiction bothers me greatly.
    11 years 4 months ago
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