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113 min.
Dennis Dugan
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1.3% (1:78)
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  1. frankqb's avatar


    While the gags often go too far, I found myself nonetheless delighted and often guffawing at most of the jokes in what should, by all accounts, be a terrible movie. Somehow, for what it is, Sandler, and a bizarre assortment of non actors including Michael Buffer and Dave Matthews, kept me interested and kept me laughing.

    Bad plot? Yes. Ridiculous jokes? Yes. Did I strangely very much enjoy the 2 hours I spent watching this? Absolutely.

    Every once in a while, a bad comedic movie just works. This is one of them.
    11 years 4 months ago
  2. aussieflickfan's avatar


    I liked it, worth having in the collection. It is hard to come up with new ideas and settings for comedy, but this did that well, I thought. 11 years 7 months ago
  3. Siskoid's avatar


    Going down further into the rabbit hole, I watched You Don't Mess with the Zohan (to make matters worse, it's the Extended Unrated version with extra crotch jokes). The Zohan is a clearly superhuman Israeli counter-terrorist agent who fakes his own death to go to New York to fulfill his life-long dream of becoming a hairdresser. Of course, his past (played by John Turturro) comes to haunt him and there's a romantic comedy subplot involving the beautiful Emmanuelle Chriqui. There's certainly a good movie hidden in there somewhere. The action is completely insane, if only it felt motivated (why are these guys so powerful?), and the message of peace isn't as cheesy as it might have been. However! While there are positive figures on both the Israeli and Palestinian sides, the film paints Middle Eastern people as hummus-addicted Mariah Carey groupies whose only ambition is to get a low-paying job in the service industry in America, and includes kiss-of-death Rob Schneider in black face. It also seems to think women enjoy being sexually harassed, and that Adam Sandler banging old ladies is funny. It is not, and the repetitive use of each joke saps the laughs right out of the movie. I suppose I was glad to see Sandler in a role other than his usual rage monster, but that's about it. 7 years 5 months ago
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