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    Baseball Movies and Documentaries

    This exhaustive list of just about every baseball movie, documentary, and mini-series is a...
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    The Tramp

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    One Week


    The Tramp

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    TomReagan checked The Strawberry Blonde, Dancing Romeo, Tale of a Dog, and 130 others , Radio Bugs, Three Smart Guys, Little Miss Pinkerton, Election Daze, Farm Hands, Calling All Kids, Family Troubles, Benjamin Franklin, Jr., Unexpected Riches, Mighty Lak a Goat, Rover's Big Chance, Doin' Their Bit, Surprised Parties, Don't Lie, Going to Press, Melodies Old and New, Wedding Worries, Come Back, Miss Pipps, Helping Hands, Robot Wrecks, 1-2-3 Go!, Ye Olde Minstrels, Baby Blues, Fightin' Fools, Kiddie Kure, Goin' Fishin', Waldo's Last Stand, Good Bad Boys, Bubbling Troubles, The New Pupil, All About Hash, The Big Premiere, Alfalfa's Double, Time Out for Lessons, Dad for a Day, Captain Spanky's Show Boat, Auto Antics, Dog Daze, Joy Scouts, Cousin Wilbur, Clown Princes, Duel Personalities, Tiny Troubles, Alfalfa's Aunt, Practical Jokers, Football Romeo, Men in Fright, Aladdin's Lantern, Party Fever, The Little Ranger, Hide and Shriek, The Awful Tooth, Feed 'em and Weep, Came the Brawn, Three Men in a Tub, Bear Facts, Our Gang Follies of 1938, Canned Fishing, Mail and Female, The Pigskin Palooka, Framing Youth, Fishy Tales, Night 'n' Gales, Roamin' Holiday, Rushin' Ballet, Three Smart Boys, Hearts Are Thumps, Glove Taps, Reunion in Rhythm, Spooky Hooky, Pay As You Exit, Two Too Young, Bored of Education, Arbor Day, Second Childhood, The Lucky Corner, Divot Diggers, The Pinch Singer, Our Gang Follies of 1936, Little Sinner, Little Papa, Sprucin' Up, Beginner's Luck, Anniversary Trouble, Teacher's Beau, Shrimps for a Day, Mama's Little Pirate, Washee Ironee, Honky Donkey, The First Round-Up, For Pete's Sake!, Hi'-Neighbor!, Mike Fright, Wild Poses, Bedtime Worries, Mush and Milk, The Kid from Borneo, Forgotten Babies, Fish Hooky, A Lad an' a Lamp, Birthday Blues, Free Wheeling, Hook and Ladder, The Pooch, Choo-Choo!, Spanky, Free Eats, Readin' and Writin', Dogs Is Dogs, Shiver My Timbers, Big Ears, Fly My Kite, Bargain Day, Little Daddy, Love Business, Helping Grandma, School's Out, Teacher's Pet, Pups Is Pups, A Tough Winter, Bear Shooters, When the Wind Blows, The First Seven Years, Shivering Shakespeare, Moan & Groan, Inc., Bouncing Babies, Boxing Gloves, Lazy Days, Railroadin' and Small Talk 1 day 9 hours ago
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