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If you don't go into this movie expecting to feel exactly how Matrix made you feel, chances are that you'll have way more fun!

Yes, all of the criticism directed towards Resurections is true: it's an unnecessary, meta sequel that will never hold up to the original trilogy.
But personally, thats why I loved it so much! Contrary to what people seem to think, I believe Lana was fully aware of what kind of movie she was making, and said "fuck it let's just have fun with it" (or at least that's what it felt like).
Sure it's VERY on the nose, but was Matrix ever known for it's subtlety?

My recommendation: no need to lower your expectations, just push them aside completely and let yourself get carried by the movie!
3 weeks 6 days ago
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As other commenters pointed out, it definitely qualifies as a drama much more than the average horror movie does. Personally I still found it to be scary in it's own way, in part because of the hard-hitting subjects it approaches of being a war refugee and seeking shelter in a mostly hostile country.
It's a beautiful story and a refreshing take on the horror genre. I always enjoy seeing film makers put forward their own culture and share their unique view on topics that we can all empathize with: regrets and grief in this specific case.

I highly recommend it for people who enjoy reality-based horror!
10 months ago
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While the plot is fairly simple (and the "-twist" easy to predict) it was still a new enough concept in post-apocalyptic horror that it appealed to me at first. But sadly it ended up being a 'not-as-good-as-it-could've-been' kind of movie.

The first half of the movie feels like a whole missed opportunity, as they didn't even nearly play on the "to what extent is this part of the play?" feeling as much they could have. Because of the way the movie goes it leaves us little to no doubt about what the truth is, and makes the plot-twist a lot weaker than intended.
The character writting and development is pretty poor, making some characters borderline unlikable. The decisions that they continuously make throughout the movie are unrealistic and feel written in at the last minute to get the story going spoiler.

On a better note though: the decor - both the post-apocalyptic city and the hotel - were plenty interesting and writing aside the movie itself was well produced.
Now regarding the ending... spoiler
1 year 2 months ago
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