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1. I use this place to keep track of what I watch, plus it's fun with the lists and such even if I watch too many obscure movies that's not on any official lists. So more lists with obscure movies please :)

2. One thing I really miss is a way to add 'Personal Rating' for the movies like on IMDB (and maybe added when importing). Wish there was a place for that next to (and just as clear as the) 'check box' on the lists and a function where I can sort the lists by my ratings too would be helpful.

That might also be a feature which could increase interest the social aspect of the site. More of a reason for people to browse and keep in touch with other users to check and see what others felt about a movie.

3. Right now, none of the social features interest me. But maybe one day they will. As of now I'm just on a solo mission.
9 years 5 months ago
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