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Alex Frances Rickmansworth, United Kingdom

"A long time ago I was one of you. You're all brand new and perfect. No mistakes, no regrets. People look at you and think of how wonderful your future will be. They want you to be something special... like a... a doctor or a lawyer. I hate to tell you this, but if you grow up here, you're more likely to wind up selling your bodies on the streets, or shooting dope from dirty needles in a bus stop. And if you're successful, you'll make money selling junk to crackheads. And you won't think twice about killing someone's wife, because you won't even know what was wrong in the first place. Or, maybe... you'll end up like me - a hobo with a shotgun! I hope you can do better. You are the future." - Hobo with a shotgun

"Some people got a bed to sleep on, where they can crawl under the covers and have a good night's rest, but other people, they don't got beds at all. Instead, they gotta find an alleyway or a park bench where some ****er's not gonna stab them. Just because they don't got beds doesn't mean they're homeless, 'cause - guess what? - they've got the biggest home of any of us. It's called "the streets," and right now we're all standing in their home, so maybe we should show them some goddamn respect! If this is their home, they got a right to keep it clean, don't they? Sometimes on the streets, a broom just ain't gonna **** cut it! That's when you gotta get a shotgun!"

"There's something else about bears not many people know. If a bear gets hooked on the taste of human blood, it becomes a man-killer. He'll go on a rampage and has to be destroyed. And that's why you should never hug a bear."

Favorite quote: “"Only dead fish swim with the stream"”(Malcolm Muggeridge)


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9 October 2015
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  1. The Shawshank Redemption

    8 years 6 months ago
  2. Forrest Gump

    8 years 6 months ago
  3. The Lion King

    8 years 6 months ago
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