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Milton Vines Crafton, United States

I write and edit an article for a professional writing agency. I enjoy my work especially when it works. I want to grow and develop in this direction. I love to travel and spend time with families. I run and the book that influenced me the most is the Bible. The film that I liked very much - The Chosen.

I write many articles and want present one of my best articles:

Mastering the Art of Article Writing

Writing good articles is neither an impossible nor difficult task. It simply takes time to learn and become skilled at performing it well. I say this from my personal experience, as I work as one of the main writers in a company for writing homework, essay and dissertation. During my work in this service, I realized that over time in the writing field, the writing skill is sharpened and becomes better.

You'll be surprised how easy it becomes and how much quicker you accomplish it with time. This article addresses issues for both the DYI article marketer and those looking to outsource the work.

The Do-It-Yourself Group:

I would recommend that all newbies to the world of Internet marketing write their own articles at the onset of their business. I say this for two reasons:

* You learn early on what makes a good article; whether you write it or hire it done for you. You will do more harm for your business than good if you distribute sub-standard content across the Internet. It also defrays start-up expenses at a crucial time in most cases.

* You learn everything there is to know about your niche through the research you must do. You grow into a legitimate expert in your field and not just a parrot of what the product producer says.

Before you write the first word, go to the major players in the field and see HOW you must write to be accepted on their sites. Every directory or submissions service has its own set of rules for accepting content for publication.

I do an end-run around all of that and use a submissions service that submits articles to over 5,000 publishers with one click of the mouse. Articles are not distributed until they meet the criteria required by all publishers for acceptance. It makes life easier and it's free to boot.

Here are some key factors to make permanent habits in your article writing program:

* People read about 20% slower online than in print. If you make it hard for them, expect to lose them early on. Write in bursts of 8-14 words per sentence in paragraphs of 3-5 sentences maximum. Use sub-titles often.

* Write article between 550-800 words long. Shorter will not be published on many directories and longer tends to bore readers.

* Internet surfers are scanners first, readers second. They arrive at your article page while following the "information scent" they sniffed out through their search criteria. They scan the page in an "F" pattern looking for hints of the scent that brought them there. If they don't find it on the scan-zoom-they're gone. You have about 5-15 seconds to catch their interest.

* Use your main keywords in your titles and sub-headings when possible. Use keywords at or near the beginning of the first sentence in paragraphs. This makes it easier to "sniff" them out in a quick scan for the "information scent."

* The rules for numbers are different online than offline. It's "OK" to use numerals instead of spelling our numbers less than 10. It enhances the scalability of the piece by offering a quick glimpse at the statistical content in the piece.

* Bulleted/numbered lists are your friend. Use them often. It is not recommended, however, that you mix them up - use either/or per piece you write.

* Avoid the passive voice. It drags your content out and slows the reader's progress; often causing them to leave. You will usually find the passive voice around verbs that end in "ing."

* For Pete's sake, use a word processor to write on that uses a good spell/grammar checker. I run an article directory and will tell you firsthand: spelling and grammar count. Publishers are building a reputation with their sites and simply won't publish the "also-rans."

The Outsourcing Crew:

Not too much to say here other than you get what you pay for in most cases. A motocross friend of mine told me something years ago I have found useful in numerous situations: "If you have a $10.00 head, buy a $10.00 helmet." If you want professionally written content that captures your target audience and sells the click on your link in the author's box expect to pay more than $5-10.00 per article.

I hire and fire writers all day long. My rule of thumb is this: if it takes me longer than 5 minutes to edit a piece, I kick it back to the writer or fix it myself and don't use that writer again.

If you use a provider that sends you work you must edit heavily, replace them. Your time is too valuable to do work you already paid to have done. Find a professional writing service that gets the bulldog fed.

Favorite quote: “Love never fails”(Bible)


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16 November 2020
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