Back to the future

While you were busy making awesome new top lists and checking movies, we worked on optimizing the iCheckMovies experience. We did lots of small fixes, we added and improved some features and we tweaked our servers. Most importantly:

  • The search engine now returns much more relevant results.
  • You can now add categories to your personal lists (under the info tab, category select box). This should make finding lists easier. We encourage you to edit your current personal list!
  • We improved the interface by changing fonts, adding explanations and links where needed and speeding up the loading of large lists.

Our goal for the coming weeks is to further improve the website in terms of usability and performance. You can follow development in realtime on our Trello board.

For the visually oriented among you, we've compiled a nice video showing our work on iCheckMovies.

Happy checking!

18 January, 2012