The Lords of the Lists: June

It's been a little over seven years since the site went live. A long road with some bumps and changes along the way but iCheckMovies is still as strong as ever thanks to you guys, our users!

We're working hard on the new design and fixing bugs, but for now we want to talk about the lists. In time for summer, or winter for those in the southern hemisphere, we bring you four new lists to work on, discuss or dismiss depending on your tastes. We know not everything will please everyone, but hopefully everyone will find something to their liking.

  • June is LGBT Pride month, so there's no better time to add a list for this burgeoning thematic genre of sorts. A list focusing on LGBT issues has been hotly requested for years and while there have been some interesting candidates we often felt an even better list was just around the corner as LGBT issues have moved from the shadows to the forefront in the past few years. A few months ago a relatively large poll was conducted by a British LGBT festival associated with BFI, BFI Flare's Best LGBT Films of All Time, and we felt we finally had a great list to adopt (adopted from PeacefulAnarchy).
  • Fantasy has been a popular genre from the early films of Méliès to recent blockbusters like Lord of The Rings. We've been eager to add a list representing these films for a while, and we've settled on adopting Fantasy Cinema: Impossible Worlds on Screen, a varied list of notable and interesting Fantasy films from a book by David Butler (adopted from Gershwin).
  • We've got official lists for the big three film festivals, Cannes, Venice and Berlin, and the popular Sundance, but there are other big film festivals around the world that some of users are interested in. Locarno is one of the oldest film festivals, and the most requested, so we felt it was time to adopt its top prize, Locarno Film Festival - Golden Leopard (adopted from marco_n65).
  • Due to its particular economic and political history, Portuguese cinema has tended to be overshadowed in European cinema, even as it has produced several internationally renowned directors like Manoel de Oliveira and Pedro Costa. With many of those other European countries represented with their own official iCheckMovies lists, we're giving Portugal a chance to join them by adopting Público's Best Portuguese Films, a selection compiled by a board of 10 notable Portuguese personalities (adopted from lampadatriste).
In addition to the regular updates to the IMDb lists, many lists have had updates over the last few months, so we thought we'd give you a quick rundown:

Happy checking!


The iCheckMovies team

2 June, 2016