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  1. Top 5,000 Films of All Time (Calculated) conducted and proudly presented by Prof. Ratigan (Letterboxd)'s icon

    Top 5,000 Films of All Time (Calculated) conducted and proudly presented by Prof. Ratigan (Letterboxd)

    Favs/dislikes: 2:0. . Prof. Ratigan: "What could be better than a list of the greatest 1,000 films of all time? A list of the top 5,000 films of all time. Its value, obviously, will be rather dependent on how you use lists. It is less likely to be a generator for recommendations as the 1,000 list (unless you adhere to the broad filters of decade, genre, etc. that Letterboxd creates). More likely, I expect, it will be seen as a very general marker for how far along the most voracious viewers are in their journey to watch everything worth watching. . I started with a list of about 30k titles gleaned from many Letterboxd lists, IMDb data, and other sources and crunched the numbers. I limited the list to those with 2,500 IMDb votes. Votes were normalized against the maximum votes on that website to account for the differing traffic, so the Highest Voted movie would be a 1.00 and the lowest 0.01. I weighted the differing website rating according to my own sense of importance with Letterboxd about 10x Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic about half of IMDb. I also included weighting by year to account for the significant recency bias in online vote tallies. That weight was Votes x (1+((2000-Year)/100). While that was sufficiently effective for the 1,000 list, as you can see by the year/decade numbers below, 5,000 let them all back in. . Since it does not seem coincidental that the best represented years are the ones that coincide with Letterboxd's years of existence, I'm trying to figure out how to account for it. My first attempt is to see who outperforms the trendline. Even using this technique on my original formula, the top years were 2018, 2019, 2017, 2015, 2014, and 2016. However, my latest adjustment for age, in coordination with the trendline method, appears to have sufficiently quieted the 2010's noise."
  2. Le Schpountz's Top 1.000 Movies's icon

    Le Schpountz's Top 1.000 Movies

    Favs/dislikes: 1:0. Chronological order
  3. Poll 2022: Top 250 Favourite Film List conducted and proudly presented by HelenWelonmelon (Letterboxd)'s icon

    Poll 2022: Top 250 Favourite Film List conducted and proudly presented by HelenWelonmelon (Letterboxd)

    Favs/dislikes: 1:0. . HelenWelonmelon: "Dear film friends, stimulated by Adrian Tofei's big poll for the best films of all time, I would also like to start a poll to determine the best films. In my opinion, most surveys have always suffered from the fact that the participants were only allowed to name 1, 10 or maybe 25 titles. Although the result is of course interesting, it is not really meaningful. The famous Sight and Sound poll in particular is pretty silly, as it forces film critics and film historians to name only 10 films out of thousands seen. Basically it's like a lottery and actually only tells you which film is most often named as favorite film and not whether the film is generally rated as outstanding. For example, if you ask a survey about the most overrated films, many of the supposedly best ones would also be named there. That's why a Top 250 survey among film connoisseurs make a lot more sense, since then it is not only decisive for the result which films are named, but also which of the typical poll champions are not named. A Top 250 also offers the advantage that probably mostly people who are somewhat familiar with the history of film vote. That's why this survey is primarily aimed at people who have actually seen many films themselves, who have their own opinions and who don't just bluntly copy internet best lists. Please link your Top 250 lists below. I will then evaluate them by the end of the year. There is no need for a ranking within the Top 250, as each film named gets one point at the end. In any case, I'm very curious to see how many letterboxd users post their Top 250 here. I hope, of course, that there will be many. Please think carefully about which titles you choose and make sure that you don't forget a favorite film, as subsequent changes will no longer be taken into account. Please draw the attention of many potential participants to this survey. I hope that Adrian Tofei will allow me to promote this survey here and not delate my comment." . Note: - It is very time-consuming to import a list presented by Letterboxd to ICM, hence the restriction to all titles with at least 3 votes instead of the 2 votes on Letterboxd. . ------------------------------------------------------------------ . Poll 2023: Top 500 Favourite Film List . HelenWelonmelon: "Dear film friends, many thanks again to all 224 participants in the last survey. As already announced, the Top 500 survey will follow this year. All 224 participants in the last survey are cordially invited. Please create a list of your 500 favorite films and link them below in the comments. . -> no ranking is necessary -> each film named gets one point . Of course, Letterboxd users who did not take part last year can and should also submit a Top 500 list. The more people take part, the more differentiated the end result. However, since this survey is primarily aimed at people who have seen a large number of films, the first-time participants should have seen at least 3000 films. This is to prevent that only the most popular films have a chance of a good placement. The main problem with all film surveys is that films have varying degrees of popularity and therefore popular films always have an advantage. Logically, films that 80-100% of all participants have seen have a much better chance of being placed in the overall list than films that only 10-20% have seen. Especially since these 10-20% are usually the people who have seen a great many films, which further reduces the chance of being named. Because for someone who has seen 1000 films, the chance of a film ending up in the top 500 is 1 in 2, 3000 is 1 in 6, 5000 is 1 in 10, 10,000 is 1 in 20, etc. However, since, in contrast to most other polls, many relatively unknown films are also included in the overall list at the end, this means that such films also receive more attention and may achieve a higher ranking next year. Inevitably, over the years, some popular films will fall in the overall ranking and some unpopular films will rise. If this Top 500 survey is successful, it is planned to repeat it next year. I hope that through word of mouth the number of participants will increase every year. . -> Why 500 Films?: Since this survey is planned annually and is primarily aimed at film experts who have seen a large number of films, it is important that a larger number of films are named because: 1. Even people who have seen well over 5000 films still have enough space for annual changes, which is not the case to this extent in a new TOP 250 survey and the end result for 2023 and the following year will hardly change. 2. The total number of titles mentioned in the poll will increase significantly, which is the very purpose of this poll. 3. A top 500 survey leads to a much more nuanced end result. If there were 56,000 individual votes for 224 Top 250 lists, it would be 112,000 for 224 Top 500 lists. . -> Why no ranking and one point for each film?: Sometimes there were suggestions that the survey could be done on ranked lists with different points depending on the placement. Experience has shown that three points speak against this. 1. A ranking with a corresponding distribution of points would once again unassailably favor the popular films. Because in the vast majority of cases, everyone's absolute favorite films (top 20-top 100) will be the films they saw relatively early and essentially caused them to engage with films. And these are usually popular films, which fall in front of you relatively quickly. 2. Requiring each participant to rank their favorite films and rack their brains over whether a film is 175th or 176th would certainly discourage many from posting a list. And probably especially those who have seen an extremely large number of films and who have trouble limiting their favorite films to only 500 titles. 3. Evaluating the lists would be much more time-consuming and complicated, and I wouldn't be able to do it that easily in terms of time. . I hope now that probably many will submit a top 500 by the end of the year (Deadline is December 31st, 2023) and that this survey and the result at the end will be entertaining and exciting. Of course, no one will completely agree with the final result, but each participant can at least try to influence the result in their favor and support their favourites."
  4. icm forum - country poll: Greater China's icon

    icm forum - country poll: Greater China

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. . Le Schpountz nominations
  5. icm forum - country poll: Poland's icon

    icm forum - country poll: Poland

    Favs/dislikes: 0:0. . Le Schpountz nominations
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