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    I don't know if it's in Sautet's writing, or just an ineffable quality possessed by Romy Schneider, but she once again plays a woman who is frank and no-nonsense in César and Rosalie, a woman who feels she is free to do what she wants, when she wants, and with who she wants. Yves Montand is the ebullient César, a charmer who nonetheless gets jealous and insecure when an old boyfriend (Sami Frey) comes back into the picture. And the very thing César fears is the thing he creates with his ugly reaction to a perceived rival. There's certainly something interesting in the fact that he's a junk dealer - a destroyer - while Frey's David and another former flame are artists - creators - though this may only be texture. Once again - especially with The Thing of Life in mind - cars drive themselves angrily, creating suspense along the way. The novelty, however, comes from the complicated relationship between the two men. I'm unsure about the ending, however, but it doesn't spoil anything, really. Isabelle Huppert fans take note: She has a tiny role in this as the Schneider's sister.
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